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Dear Chatty Kathy,


My friends say that my boyfriend and I spend too much time together, and that I never hang out with them anymore. We’re happy and are in love, and we enjoy each other’s company. What is wrong with spending time together?  Are they just jealous?


-Hating the Haters


Dear HH,


There is nothing wrong with spending time with your boyfriend. You’re free to do whatever you want. The problem is spending time only with your boyfriend. If your friends have told you this, then you probably do. They’re most definitely not jealous – they just miss you, and they’re feeling neglected. Remember, they were your friends before you got into a relationship. It’s not cool to drop them just because you’re with someone else now. If there’s one thing people in high school relationships need to learn, it’s that your relationship should not be the most important thing in your life. You need to find a balance between your boyfriend, your friends, your family, and other significant people in your life! If the roles were reversed, and your friend ditched you for her boyfriend, how would you feel?

Chatty Kathy

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Dear Chatty Kathy,

What can I do to get my son to care about more than video games? I’m tired of encouraging him to join clubs or sports. All he wants to do is play online games with his friends. I can’t take his computer away because he needs it to do his homework.

Tired Mother.

Dear Tired Mother,

Ah, the struggles of parenthood… Not that I’m familiar with any of those! I’m sorry to hear about that. Have you tried designating times for him to play video games, as well as do his homework? Maybe sit down with him and talk about what works in terms of productivity, and what you can do to be there for him to help him get his work done. There are also dozens of clubs and teams at CKSS, so chances are he just hasn’t found the right one for him yet. Don’t worry too much about him; if he finds something he’s interested in, he’ll definitely get involved.


Chatty Kathy

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Dear Chatty Kathy,

I am in grade nine and I still really want to go Trick or Treating, but my mom says that I am too old! Is there actually an age limit to Halloween fun?

-Sad Trick or Treater


Hey Sad Trick or Treater,

I think your mom is completely wrong; if you love the holiday you should be able to celebrate it. As long as you have put effort into getting a Halloween costume you love, you should be able to go out for candy. However, if your mom is really against the idea of you Trick or Treating, then you should try to celebrate Halloween in other creative ways. Hang out with a few friends and watch some of your favourite seasonal movies (check out Hotte’s Halloween Hits for suggestions), or maybe even hand out candy with your family. There are many ways to celebrate this creative holiday so don’t give up hope just yet! I hope you have a very spooky and fun Halloween this year.

XOXO, Chatty Kathy

Play Review

Michaela Hotte
Staff Writer

On October 24th, Ms. Burnett’s grade 12 Drama class, along with a few other lucky students, had the wonderful opportunity to go to Toronto’s Theatre for Young Audiences and watch the play adaptation of Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Despite the adult themes from the novel, the play was performed for grades 6-12. It was a full length play, without an intermission, and yet it still managed to keep the audience captivated for the full hour and 30 minutes.

“To Kill a Mockingbird” is a narrated by a young girl named Scout, who opens the play recounting the events of the past summer, and how her brother, Jem, broke his arm. Scout, Jem, and their friend, Dill, get together and mischief ensues. The casting was impeccable, as everyone was able to stay in character for the complete showing, regardless of the lack of an intermission. Despite some mature themes, and being taken out of the high school curriculum, they decided to keep some racially charged language and the violent nature of a rape scene. Although a bold choice for such a young audience, many would argue that they made the right decision.

The play was amazing and could easily be compared to the movie adaptation of the novel. Sadly, the play’s last performance took place on Nov 2nd, but if you ever have a chance to see the play, you would not regret it!

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A History of Halloween

Matthew Taylor
Staff Writer

The highlight of the month of October is without a doubt the spooky holiday known as Halloween. Millions of kids of all ages roam the streets in costumes, going door to door asking the age old question: “Trick or treat?” But where does this holiday come from?

The first iteration of Halloween was known as the Festival of Samhain. This was a festival that was celebrated by the Gaelic peoples and was intended to celebrate the half-way point between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice. It was a holiday observed through much of what is now the northern United Kingdom and Ireland. It was celebrated on the night of October 31st by slaughtering cattle to prepare for winter, and trying to communicate with fairies and other mythical creatures. People also would go from house to house carrying lights to both ward off ghosts and ask for food for the coming winter. These are two interesting points, as people observing Halloween now also dress up in costume, and also demand food (albeit the demand is now for candy).

During the 800’s C.E., Pope Gregory the Third created a holiday on November 1st called All Saint’s Day. This holiday initially incorporated aspects of the Festival of Samhain into it, thereby allowing much of the old pagan traditions to become accessible to the changing population of Europe, which was becoming more Catholic. All Saint’s Day also lead to mass pilgrimages to Rome throughout the Twelfth Century.

By the 17th Century, All Saint’s Day, and the former Festival of Samhain, lost favour everywhere but in Ireland and Scotland. In these nations, All Saint’s Day and Samhain became All Hallow’s Eve, and then eventually Hallow’s Eve. These holidays were again celebrated by roaming the streets to ward away ghosts. Due to mass Irish and Scottish migration to North America, Canada and the United States inherited the holiday.

Eventually, Hallow’s Eve became Hallowe’en and moved away from warding away ghosts to bringing the community together and giving children a night to dress up in scary costumes and get candy. The tradition grows stronger year after year as more and more people engage in this fun fall activity. From the Gaelic peoples to modern day, this is the history of Halloween.

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We Scare Hunger

Liberty Alleston
Staff Writer

October is not just a month dedicated to spooky skeletons and trick-or-treating; it is also a time that can be used to help people. Throughout the last week of October, CKSS’Youth in Action group ran an event called We Scare Hunger. This event is one of many originating from Free the Children, but is slightly different than the other campaigns that Free the Children runs. We Scare Hunger is for the benefit of our local community.

Youth in Action Vice President, Tanzeela Rehman, was responsible for running the We Scare Hunger campaign this year, and her group started planning this campaign long in advance to ensure it had a great impact on our community. As a school, we collected non-perishable food items for a food bank in Milton. This went on for the last week of October until Halloween, when Youth in Action members sacrificed receiving Halloween candy and went around trick-or-treating for non-perishable food items instead. In fact, Youth in Action member Christian VanderVoet collected a total of 217 non-perishable food items while going door to door!

The purpose of this campaign is to bring awareness to the community that poverty is not just in third world countries, but in our country too. Most people do not expect to ever have to rely on a food bank, but when people are faced with their own problems a food bank is a good support line for them to have. It can make a difference to a family and help them get back on their feet in a hard time. This year Youth in Action collected a total of 2,411 non-perishable items to donate to The Milton Salvation Army Food Bank. The members of Youth in Action would like to thank everyone for their contribution to the food drive, and would also like to encourage people to continue helping by volunteering at local food banks and spreading awareness about local and global hunger.

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Link Crew Welcomes Fall With a Frenzy

Liberty Alleston
Staff Writer


There is nothing better than gathering with all of your friends and participating in fun, heart-racing activities – and nothing goes better with fun than bright orange shirts! On October 23rd, Link Crew held their annual Fall Frenzy for the grade nines. The Fall Frenzy took place over periods four and five and allowed the grade nines and Link Crew Leaders to reunite with each other for the first time since the very beginning of the school year.

Thankfully, the weather was a lot warmer this year, and so the activities were able to run with a lot more participation. The grade nines joined back up with their crews and Leaders and competed against all the other crews for their picture with the coveted Crew Cup which is displayed in the Link Crew display case! This year’s games were both new and old, but one thing was for certain; everyone was determined to win the Cup.

Grade nines and Link Crew Leaders united together to compete in the riveting games, but the hands down favourite of the day was Bootcamp. An inflatable climbing contraption pitted one person against another causing them to scale walls, jump through spaces, roll down hills, and slide down a humongous slide to try to win. The rest of the activities also had fun challenges; such as who could make the biggest tower out of plastic plates and cups and transporting a pumpkin seed from one table to another using just a straw. “It helped me build stronger friendships from the beginning of the year,” remarked Sebastian Czyrnek, a grade nine student in Crew 3.

At the end of the day, the students gathered back in the gym to see who won the Crew Cup and receive a sweet treat. Crew 3 won the Crew Cup at this year’s Fall Frenzy and is the second crew to have its members’ names engraved onto the cup! When reflecting on the day, Mr. Salvaterra, one of the Link Crew coordinators, said, “It was a ‘frenzy’ of activity!”

Everyone is looking forward to next year’s competition for the Crew Cup!

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CKSS Cleans Up

Liberty Alleston
Staff Writer

On October 24th, the Green Team held their second annual Community Clean Up at CKSS! Each class was assigned an area around the school where they scoured the landscape collecting garbage, recyclables, and compost. This year we managed to double the amount of garbage that we collected last year, reaching an astonishing 1200kg! It is important to remember to clean up after yourself and to not take your surroundings for granted. It may seem more convenient to throw your trash on the ground, but you should hold onto it until you reach an appropriate receptacle. Many thanks to Mr. Nicholson and his Green Team for the successful day.  Keep on being green, CKSS!

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Guidance News:

ATTENTION GRADE 12’s: Please sign up for your University and College registration courses if you are planning on applying to a post-secondary institution this year. Also make sure you check the University and College websites to find out about open houses and campus tours!


Business News:

DECA held its first Krispy Kreme doughnut fundraiser this year, which up turned out to be a major success. Thanks to CKSS students doughnuts were sold out in the first twenty minutes! Keep an eye out for posters around the school for the date of the next Krispy Kreme fundraiser.