Biking Against Cancer

Biking Against Cancer

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Biking Against Cancer

Sarah Mohiuddin
Staff Writer

On Friday, October 17th, teams of enthusiastic people ready to bike participated in Craig Kielburger Secondary School’s second Inside Ride! Students and teachers alike – who raised a minimum of $300 per team – biked in turns for the duration of this event to raise money to support children with cancer and their families.

Inside Ride was founded in 2007 and has raised over two million dollars and held over 300 cycling events similar to the one hosted at CKSS.

Each team was required to dress in their most elaborate costumes. “The Officials” were one team who went all-out with their costumes, dressing up as prisoners and sheriffs. “Prisoners can’t run, but they can bike,” commented Chanpreet Grewal, a member of this team. “The Officials” won the prize for Best Costume, an award everyone agreed they deserved.

There were several opportunities to win awards at the Inside Ride, which were handed out following the event. The Team Mileage award went to “Spartan Strong”, who biked a total of 27.39 kilometres, and the award for Team Spirit went to the “English Department”! As well, the award for the Top Team Fundraising went to “CK Jumpstreet,” a team of girls in Grade 12.

Many spectators supported the event. A student in Grade 12, Shubh Judge, remarked, “It was so much fun watching everyone bike from the bleachers. The energy was through the roof, and it was hard not to get up and join everyone dancing and singing along to the music!” While it is important to have fun, the ultimate goal was to raise money in support of pediatric cancer patients. Overall, a grand total of $5915 was raised by our very own students and teachers at CKSS. At the end of the day, all that matters is another Inside Ride was successfully hosted at Craig Kielburger Secondary School, and that there will be many more to come.


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