Biting Into the Big Apple

Biting Into the Big Apple

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On May 14, 2015, several Spartans arrived early in the morning to school in anticipation for the exciting voyage they were about to embark on. Some had been planning for the trip to New York for a few months, and others for even longer, but either way, there was no doubt about the animated atmosphere. It was time to go explore the streets that gave several New York icons their name, the rich art culture protruding from traditional and modern roots, and the lights that sparkle even as the sun goes down in the city that doesn’t sleep.

The trip included highlights such as trips to the Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Chelsea Market, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Students and teachers both were awed by the raw beauty of the art in the museum and how much of it was cleverly rooted in a modern and stylish impression. This theme of art that NYC wholesomely encompasses was echoed by lanterns that swung softly above the CK crew as they made their way through the Chelsea Market. Times Square was a token to much of the student and staff satisfaction throughout the trip. It beckoned them to explore, enlighten, and empower themselves through the power of a journey. Bustling through the packed streets just added to the experience: the crowd was symbolic of the thriving and lavish vibe of the city.

Blowing bubbles in NYC’s Central Park, several students sighed in content and formulated aspirations to continue their electric love affair with the magnetic city. The colours that intoxicated their senses and framed several of their pictures are memories not soon to be forgotten. It could be that just one question remains: when’s the next trip?


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