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Chatty Kathy

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Hey Kathy,

Being a senior and all, I’m losing motivation to show up to classes (commonly known as “senioritis”). I just want to graduate, and be done with high school. I have so much homework and so many responsibilities and I always leave them to the last minute and I procrastinate so much that my marks are dropping but I just don’t know how to stop procrastinating. How do I regain my motivation to finish high school with a bang?

Grouchy grade 12

Hi there GG,
It’s hard to stay motivated during these last few months of school, especially when you are so close to graduating. But the thing to remember is that your grades right now are really important. It may be easy to say ‘I got accepted into university so I don’t have to try anymore’ but you have to remember that universities are watching your marks up until the day you graduate. You want to make sure that you are keeping up your work ethic and attending every class. That being said, I know it can be hard to stay motivated. If you find yourself wanting to skip class, or not do a homework assignment, just remember how close the freedom of university/college is. You don’t want to ruin your chance of leaving high school just to cut class with your friends. There’s only 2 more months, so just keep your spirit up and I know you will make it through!

XOXO Chatty Kathy


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