CKSS Coffee House

CKSS Coffee House

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On Thursday May 21 2015, the annual coffee house graced the stage of CKSS’ cafetorium once again. Students, parents, and teachers showed up to watch amazing acts perform their hearts out in acts ranging from singing, dancing, story-telling, and more.

The show started at 6:30pm and kept everyone entertained with over two hours of talent. Throughout the night there was a variety of acts that expressed everything from heart wrenching emotional content, to silly jokes that kept everyone laughing. The two teacher MC’s, Ms. Burnett and Mrs. Bullard, kept everyone entertained with fun fill in the blank games as well as lots of jokes.

The musical acts of the night had a wide variety to impress with. People were singing, dancing, playing saminstruments, and even rapping that night. The talent was incredible with some people performing original pieces or taking an old song and making it unique to them.

On the other side of the creative spectrum the reading pieces were incredibly done this year. From poetry to prose, every single reader touched the hearts of those in the audience. The night featured pieces of all kinds. There were school projects touching on issues around the world, original creative writing pieces including new and old characters, as well as beautiful spoken word pieces.

At the intermission the group of bewildered audience members gathered in the school hallway to discuss the amazing performers they had already seen, and were still yet to be seen. Everyone sipped coffee and munched on delicious cookies and sandwiches provided by the generous food school here at CKSS. The delicious refreshments helped tie together an amazing night for everyone.

With full bellies and happy hearts everyone left the school with nothing but good things to say. It was an incredible turn out, both in audience and performers. The bravery of all the performers was outstanding as they shared their heart and soul on stage. Thank you to everyone who helped make the night so great including the staff members involved as well as the tech crew for making everyone bright and loud.


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