Elections for 2015-2016

Elections for 2015-2016

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This past month, two prominent school organizations have chosen who will lead them for the next year. In sterling examples of the democratic process, both this school’s Youth in Action club and the Performing Arts Council have elected their next President.

Youth in Action selected Christian Vandervough to be their next President. He has received nothing but high praise from many members of the current Youth in Action Cabinet. Outgoing Finance Minister Andrew Shepherd had the following to say about the President-Elect, “He’s committed, he knows his stuff, and he seems like a better leader then I could ever be.” There should be no doubt that he will be a powerful force for the 2015-2016 school year at CKSS.

In other election news, this school’s performing arts community has also elected it’s second President. Winning 67% of the vote, Secretary of State for the Performing Arts Council Thomas Sadgrove has now been elected President. Mister Sadgrove ran with running mate Jared Doke. Both are looking forward to whatever challenges they face next year.

Numerous members of the Council came forward to issue their support for Sadgrove. Congresswoman Samantha Hacking said, “I think we made a smart choice. He makes a great leader and will do a good job of helping the council to flourish next year.” Additionally, outgoing President Josh Sinclair said, “Thomas is a good friend and a capable politician. I have no doubt that the Council is safe in his hands. I wish him luck with his future endeavors next year.” President-elect Sadgrove will take his oath of office on June 8th when the Second Congress of the Performing Arts Council sits for the first time.

On June 1st elections will be held for the Student Activities Council. This is an election that every student will vote in. It will be a difficult task to find a successor to outgoing President Sarah Mohiuddin as she will be leaving large shoes to fill. Current SAC Vice President Sid Srikanth has already put his name in the running for the Presidency. A powerful force within SAC already, Srikanth already has a lot of “koalafications” as his posters say. The Spartan Spectator is now predicting that on June 1st current veep Srikanth will be elevated to the office of President.

So there it is. The Spartan Spectator predicts that the leaders of the three most powerful organizations throughout the school will be Christian Vandervough, Thomas Sadgrove, and Sid Srikanth. The democratic process is alive and well at this school, and we wish the best to the next generation of leaders.


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