Embracing the Pink

Embracing the Pink

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The International Day of Pink came full-swing on April 8th at Craig Kielburger Secondary School when students, staff and many teachers donned the symbolic colour of pink to express their support for anti-bullying and to fight against all discrimination. The day is a celebration of diversity and rights and is commonly promoted and upheld by CK’S Gay-Straight Alliance.

Although commonly mistaken, this Pink Day is different from Pink Shirt Day or Anti-Bullying Day, which is the last wednesday in February, although supporting the same ideals. The day also originated from the initiative two boys, David Shepherd and Travis Price, took to get everyone in school to wear pink in support of a boy who had been bullied for it in 2007. The International Day of Pink, however, is an event created by the leaders at Jer’s Vision who were inspired by the actions of the two boys. It is an attempt to make schools a safer, better learning place and to help individuals define themselves without being held back.

Many students were inspired by the message given by the International Day of Pink, and reminded their friends to wear the striking colour to play their part in reducing discrimination. Overall, Pink Day proved the commitment students can make to help others, and the compassion all of CK shares to make this school a more inclusive place.


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