Hour of Code

Hour of Code

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This past Friday, students of CKSS participated in the Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science for students to try out. It is designed to demystify code-writing, and show that anyone can learn the basics of it. Craig Kielburger was the only high school in Milton to participate in it, and many elementary schools followed suit!

The goal was to have 100 million people worldwide participate in the fun activities and show that anyone can learn how to code. When CK students participated in them, they found that the coding activities were just fun games that didn’t even feel like coding. However, as they completed each level, the game would show them the line of code that they just wrote.

This year 76,177,381 people participated worldwide in the Hour of Code, and many people learned that coding isn’t as hard as they thought it was.


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