Letter From the Editor 2014

Letter From the Editor 2014

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Salutations Spartans!

I would like to thank all those reading, as this marks the beginning of our brand new school newspaper, the Spartan Spectator! The Spectator members have all worked hard over the past month trying to get this started, so we hope you enjoy it!

There are several things we hope to achieve by beginning a school newspaper here at Craig Kielburger Secondary School, which will hopefully benefit our students. Currently, the only reliable source of information for events happening in our school is the school website itself. However, the website feels extremely one-dimensional. While it provides some basic information about sports, clubs, and important events, it fails to engage the reader and act as more than just a platform for information. We hope that with the newspaper format that the Spectator has taken, readers will be able to look to it for a more in-depth and interesting analysis on school events.

It’s extremely important that the students within our school feel engaged and like they are part of a community. Each student should feel connected to the events happening in our school, and not just restrict themselves to the clubs and events of which they are a part. Someone who misses “the big game” due to other commitments shouldn’t be excluded from that moment forever. It’s important that everyone gets the chance to experience the important events in our school if they missed them, or even relive them because they enjoyed them so much!

The Spartan Spectator team is a perfect example of a community which involves those with different interests. It’s not just about writing, but about personal interests in a topic. The Spectator team includes students with interests varying from web design to business. And so, I would like to give you the opportunity to meet our staff, all of whom have put in tremendous effort and dedication in order to make this happen:

  • Brandyn Dixon – Editor
  • Liberty Alleston – Current Events Writer
  • Michaela Hotte – Arts and Entertainment Writer
  • Sam Hacking – Arts and Entertainment Writer
  • Mark Sansome – Web Designer
  • Mariyam Usmani – Contributing Writer
  • Nicole Ford – Photographer
  • Josh Koopstra – Design & Layout
  • Keval Raja – Business
  • Sarah Mohiuddin – Contributing Writer
  • Sam Gualtieri – Arts and Entertainment
  • Matthew Taylor – Creative Writer
  • Ms. Bullard, Miss Burnett & Mr. Featherstone – Staff Advisors


Again, thank you all for reading, and we hope you’ll read again next month!


Brandyn Dixon


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