Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

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Salutations Spartans!

As many of you may know, the Spartan Spectator has been operating successfully since September! However, with only a few months left before the end of the school year, it’s important that the Spectator team begins to look towards the future state of the school newspaper for the year of 2015-2016.

The majority of our writing staff consists of grade 12 students, and as a result most of us will not be returning to Craig Kielburger Secondary School next year. We would hate to see the Spectator leave with us, and so we ask for your help! We’ve always wanted to recruit more members to the team, but due to the very nature of the newspaper we were required to work with very few people. Next year, however, there will be a ton of slots to fill!

We also wanted to express that the Spectator consists of more than just writers. From the beginning, we’re always looking for students with different interests, and to find different ways to apply them. In addition to replacing the jobs which we currently have, we would also like to see this as an opportunity to introduce new ideas, which are hopefully suggested by you!

Applications will be available outside of the English office as of today, and we would encourage you to pick up a copy! For more information, be sure see Mrs. Bullard or Ms. Burnett!


Brandyn Dixon



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