Masters of Math

Masters of Math

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Why did the boy eat his math contest? Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake!

This past Thursday, seven seniors and fifteen intermediate students participated in the first of many math contests. The Grade 9 and 10s wrote the Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest (CIMC) while the Grade 11 and 12s wrote the Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest (CSMC). The math contests challenged the minds of 21 CKSS students with tricky thinking questions from many areas in math. Since it was only written a week ago, the results are not quite in, but we all know that the CKSS students who par- ticipated did wonderfully. The next math contest will be on February 24th; the Pascal Contest for Grade 9s, the Cayley Contest for Grade 10s, and the Fermat Contest for Grade 11s.

If math contests are something that are up your alley, please contact Mr. Gilmour in the Math/Science office or sign up for Remind101 messages by texting @ckmathclub to 289-814-3201. If this interests you, you should check out the CEMC website to practice past math contests in order to get ready!


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