Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week

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mental health picCKSS celebrated Metal Health Week throughout the duration of May 4th – 8th and the outcome was an overwhelming success. From an assembly to a play to free massages and therapy dogs, CK became a safe haven for those struggling with their mental health. Posters created by our very own CK students decorated the halls with inspiring, beneficial, and educational slogans and tips. Grade 11 student, Sid Srikanth, said in regards to the posters, “I think it is inspiring to see so much of the student body here at CKSS furthering their awareness concerning the stigma around mental health.”

Mental health awareness is very important; 1 in 5 teenagers struggle with their mental health. Considering our school has a population of around 2000 means that roughly 400 of our very own students here at CK struggle with some form of a mental health issue. I am thankful to be a part of a school that puts in such an amazing amount of effort to raise awareness around mental health. If you think you are struggling with your mental health talk to someone! Whether it be a teacher, a friend, a parent, or our fantastically supportive team of guidance counsellors down in Student Services, its important to reach out.


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