Student Opinions – April Fools

Student Opinions – April Fools

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As the month of March drew to a close, many teachers and students at CKSS celebrated the change of seasons by devising evil pranks to play on their unsuspecting friends. In fact, many regard April Fools as a sacred holiday that must be celebrated with a flurry of plastic-wrapped toilet seats, permanent marker on sleeping faces, and other miscellaneous schemes. However, while some enjoy this day of pranking immensely, others might argue that April Fools is a petty excuse for immaturity. Those who often find themselves victim to pranks often have a much lower appreciation for the occasion. In the spirit of April Fools, we decided to ask the students at CKSS: Are you usually the prankster, or the victim, and how do you feel about that?


73% said: “Prankster!”

“It’s all in good fun. I love April Fools.”

“It’s the perfect time to get back at the people I’ve been pretending to like all year! Best part is: there’s no consequences.”

“I’m definitely the pranker… ‘Cause I’m awesome…”

27% said: “Victim!”

“I’m really gullible so my friends like to screw with me. But like… whatever, I guess.”

“K, getting your face Sharpied is not fun. I hate April Fools.”

“Everyone tries to prank me but their pranks always suck.”


As it turns out, the majority of students at CKSS enjoy playing pranks on their friends, but (we hope) it’s all in good fun. It looks like this year we can expect to see plenty of toilet paper-wrapped cars and short-sheeted beds. Have a happy April Fools, and prank safely!



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