It’s finally here: the official month of the moustache. Throughout the halls of CKSS, many students and teachers can be seen sporting impressive ‘staches in support of men’s health. While this is undoubtedly a fantastic way to raise awareness, there are some who prefer to keep their faces clean and support the cause simply by donating money. These anti-’stachers argue that the silky-smooth, clean-shaven look is far superior to the prickles of facial hair. On the other hand, many pro-‘stachers claim that nature intended for all mustaches to grow wild and free. In the spirit of Movember, we decided to settle the debate once and for all. Students all over CKSS were asked the question: Shave it or save it? Here’s what they said:

54% said, “Save it!”
“If you can grow a legit moustache, keep it. It’s an accomplishment!”
“Movember facial hair is attractive.”
“It helps spread awareness and raise money, so save it! It’s for a good cause.”
“Save it. Please. Yolo.”

46% said, “Shave it!”
“It’s not for everybody.”
“Shave it!!! It’s prickly and itchy.”
“Donating a few dollars is honestly more beneficial. Most people don’t even know what Movember is for.”
“If you’re growing some creepy facial hair, it looks creepy.”

Overall, the numbers were very close. Nearly half of the students are pro-‘stache, while the other half are anti-‘stache. We conclude that it is best to simply do what you like. If you want to shave, shave away. If you wish to embrace the moustache, so be it. Just don’t forget to show your support by donating to the Movember Foundation. To shave or not to shave? The choice is up to you.

Happy Movember!


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