The Taste Test

The Taste Test

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The week of December 8th-12th was the Green Team’s plastic water bottle awareness week. All week long, the members of Green Team could be found downstairs in the atrium handing out raffle tickets for those who brought in their reusable water bottle. They also gave raffle tickets to the students who participated in their water taste test, which was between water bought from the store and water from the ICEMATIC machine at school. The taste test was to conclude that there were no significant differences between bottled and tap water, and that people would save money using the water from their tap, rather than buying plastic water bottles from the store.

Over 50% of students who participated in the water taste test said that they preferred the water from the tap over the bottled water, proving the point even more. Sarah Gilham, a member of Green Team and the individual who initiated the water bottle awareness campaign, said, “The water bottle awareness week was a big success. We had over 100 participants! The taste test produced great results.  It turns out about 50% of students preferred tap water, opposed to the 25% who liked bottled water, and the 25% who couldn’t tell the difference. A big thank you to all who participated and helped to spread the message of why plastic water bottles are bad.”

The purpose of this awareness week was to show the students and staff of CKSS the problems that buying plastic water bottle cause the Earth. The amount of plastic used to create these is extraordinary.  In fact, if you were to fill a plastic water bottle a quarter of the way up, you can see how much oil was used to make the bottle. Now multiply that by 24 for that water bottle pack sitting in your home, and then multiply that by how many cases that are produced. Can you imagine that?

If you worry about the water from your tap being bad for you: don’t! You shower in that water and your skin is still the same! The water is completely safe to drink, and the taste doesn’t change. A reusable water bottle is much more cost efficient and eco-friendly! It is as easy as carrying a plastic water bottle around with you.

Congratulations to the winners of the raffle draw, and enjoy the prizes that you won for your eco-friendly views on the world. Continue (or start!) to use your reusable water bottles CKSS, and remember, there are plenty more ways for you to help the environment!


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