We Are Silent

We Are Silent

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“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.” — Malala Yousafzai

On Thursday April 16th, CKSS took part in the “We Are Silent” campaign, where students vowed to be silent for 24 hours to stand up for those whose voices are not heard. These can be people around the world who are denied their human rights, or even individuals here who are being bullied and can not stand up for themselves.

Many students from Craig Kielburger took the vow to stand up for various issues important to them. Andrew Annis, president of Youth in Action, shared why he believes the We Are Silent campaign is important. “We Are Silent isn’t a typical campaign devoted to one cause; the participant can devote their silence to anything they want. It’s your opportunity to raise awareness and be silent for those who are silenced by injustice in our world. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to bring awareness to things that touch my heart. This year I was silent for the children of Gufubao, China, whom I had the pleasure to teach when I was in China over the March Break.”

This year, Youth in Action raised a total of $850 for We Are Silent. Living in Canada, we have so much we take for granted, like clean drinking water, and being able to go to school everyday, and for many people. This campaign was a way for them to remind themselves to be thankful for the voice they have.


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