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Nothing can stop the spirit of a dance – not even a little snow! On Thursday December 11th, 2014 the students of Craig Kielburger Secondary School enjoyed the annual Winter Dance. Although the weather outside was frightful, students found refuge in chilly themed dance. The celebration for the winter season was about to begin!

As the bell rang and school let out, the decorating committee decked the halls with beautiful and ornate snowflakes to bring everyone into the holiday spirit. When the clock struck seven, students trudged their way through the sudden onslaught of snow to school for some festive fun. Pynx Productions were nice enough to supply everyone with their favourite chart toppers such as Anaconda, Turn Down For What, and many more. The Winter Wonderland theme paired great with the black lights, making all the white snowflakes and student’s attire glow.

All in all, this dance was an amazing success! Madeline Gualtieri, a grade nine student at Craig Kielburger Secondary School said, “The dance was awesome and well worth the ten dollars!” Thanks to everyone who put in time and effort towards the dance, your efforts were well worth it. For everyone who missed out on the dance, make sure you keep your eyes open for the next and surely successful dance.

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On Monday, December 15th, students at Craig Kielburger Secondary School participated along with the rest of the community in Milton’s sixth annual Miracle on Main Street. The event is hosted by the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation, geared towards the importance of giving, as each participant is asked to bring a new toy or make a monetary donation towards organizations like the Sick Kid’s Hospital in Toronto, the Salvation Army and Halton Women’s Place. The event was full of amusement and festivities, and had a great turnout from people of all ages. It can be truly rewarding to give back to the less fortunate, especially around the season of giving!

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On Thursday December 4th, 2014, the Music Council put on the second annual Winter Concert. The talented musicians of Craig Kielburger Secondary School joined together under their respective organizations and put on a wonderful night of music that celebrated the winter season. The concert showed off the incredible dedication of C.K.’s music students under the direction of Ms. Chow and Mr. Schouten.

The night began with a performance by the C.K.S.S. drum line. Their performance was fantastic and got the night off to a great start. Things got better and better as there were performances by the grade nine  instrumental class, the vocal/musical theatre class, the choir and NEON, a few individual and small group performances, and finally the C.K.S.S. concert band. It truly was a spectacular concert that united the many branches of the music program for a wonderful evening. A shortened repeat of the concert was held as a buyout on Wednesday December 10th and was equally successful.

This is the first year that Craig Kielburger Secondary School has had a Music Council. The Music Council is a democratic body which represents the interests of music at C.K.S.S. The President of this, Josh Sinclair, believed that the concert was a great success and really demonstrated the talents of our school’s students. The elected and appointed members of the Music Council put in a lot of work, supervised by Ms. Chow and Mr. Schouten, to ensure that the concert went off without a hitch.

This concert also served as a time to contribute to those less fortunate. The Music Council asked for attendees to bring an unwrapped toy to donate to charity. This was an idea proposed by the Music Council to support our community during this season.

There will be another concert in the spring to show off again the talents of C.K. music students. If you missed the winter concert, then come out in the spring for another fun filled night!

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Dear Chatty Kathy,

I think I’m into other guys but I’m not too sure. I’m afraid that I might get made fun of and will not be accepted by my current friends. I want to follow my heart but I don’t want be looked at as different. What should I do?

Thank you,

Awfully Afraid

Hey there Awfully Afraid,

Coming out can be a very difficult thing to do, especially if you’re still a little confused about your sexuality. If you feel like you really want to tell someone, but you’re not sure if your friend group will make fun of you, then maybe you should try starting small. If you have a best friend or family member that you’re really close to, try bringing up the idea in conversation. If you think that they seem like they won’t judge you then you could try coming out to them first. Coming out as gay is a really long process as there are so many people who you will have to eventually tell, but talking with one person first is always the best way to begin. I just want you to know that you may face negative feedback from people in your life; sadly, there are many people still today that are ignorant. However, you can’t focus on those people, and you must find people who will love and accept all the parts of you. It might be a hard process, but just know the there will always be people who care about you and want you to be happy. If you are looking for a place where you can talk to other teenagers who are going through the process of coming out without giving away personal information, try checking out

XOXO Chatty Kathy

We’ve all heard of the stereotype that Canadians love the winter. After all, it’s the perfect time for polar bear riding, igloo building, and penguin racing… right? Many students at CKSS wholeheartedly agree. These winter-loving citizens bask in the cheer of hot chocolate, fluffy snowflakes, and holidays. However, as that chilly time of year rolls around again, not everyone is delighted. The degrees are dropping rapidly, and many winter-hating voices are rising just as quickly with complaints of frostbite and shoveling. In the spirit of the season, we decided to discover the truth about Canadians. Students all over CKSS were asked the question: “Let it snow”, or “It can go!” Here’s what they said:


63% said, “Let it snow!”

“We live in Canada, so we might as well embrace the snow and winter activities!”

“When it’s cold, you can bundle up. When it’s hot you can only take off so many layers before it gets awkward!”

“Snowboarding. Enough said.”

“I strongly believe that snow is important, for the following reasons: 1. Snow days, 2. Snowball fights, 4. Snow days, 5. Sledding, 6. I missed 3.”


37% said, “It can go!”

“Snow is horrible. Cold is horrible. Everything about it is horrible. I want summer back now.”

“I don’t know if it’s the cold or the snow, but this time of year always has me down. It can all go.”

“It’s cold and makes everything wet. I ain’t about that life.”

“Ain’t nobody got time for shoveling!!”


As it turns out, the stereotype about Canadians is somewhat true. The majority of CKSS students love the winter and embrace the snow. Nevertheless, a large number of students prefer the warmth of summer. Either way, winter is here to stay. So, grab an extra-large Tim Horton’s hot chocolate, your toque, and your dog sled, and get ready for another Canadian winter.

Happy holidays, eh?

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Dear Chatty Kathy,

For two months now, my friends and I have been joking that two of our other friends are dating. We would also say that they were married to each other even though they’re obviously not. We thought that it was a complete joke. So it turns out that they actually have been dating for two months. Weird, right? But the problem is I don’t know how to react to this. I’m really good friends with both of them and I’m not sure how I should feel about them keeping it a secret for so long. It’s kind of frustrating because they didn’t tell me, but I still want them to be happy.


Frustrated Friend

Hi Frustrated Friend,

It’s hard when two close friends start dating because there is also the risk of things turning out weird. It’s also very upsetting when friends keep secrets from you, so I understand your struggle. The thing to remember though is that it is your friends who are in the relationship, not you, so you should try to respect the decisions they make. It might have been difficult for your friends to tell you they were in a relationship because you were also making jokes about them.  They might have thought that you wouldn’t take them seriously, or maybe they tried to tell people and it was brushed off. They may have also been waiting until they were sure that the relationship was serious.  I think that the best thing you can do in this situation is to just continue treating your friends the exact same way you always have. If they are happy with each other then you should try your hardest to be happy for them and let them enjoy their new relationship.

XOXO Chatty Kathy

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Dear Chatty Kathy,
So here is the dilemma: I wanted to change up my look and get my hair cut in a new and interesting way. So I took a picture of the cut I wanted to the hairdresser and asked him to shave my hair shorter all the way around my head. However, the man cutting my hair only shaved the one side of my head, which happens to be exactly how my boyfriend wears his hair. This means that my boyfriend and I have the same hair cut – which is really lame and embarrassing. I’m afraid that people will think we decided to get matching haircuts on purpose. How can I play off this embarrassment in a totally cool way without getting known as that couple who have the same haircut?
Hair Horror

Dear Hair Horror,
Surprisingly enough I was actually in the exact same situation as you a few years ago, so I can understand the embarrassment. The way I see it, there are only two ways you can deal with the situation. If you or your boyfriend don’t like how your hair looks currently, one of you could wear it differently or get it cut so that you once again look different. But if you both like what your hair looks like and don’t want to change it, then you are going to have to work with what you have. The best way to deal with an embarrassing situation is by being the first to make fun of yourself. Try being really obviously sarcastic and joke about how you got the same haircut because you are just soooo in love – just make sure people know you are joking. If people think that you are taking this situation and turning it around so you can laugh about it too, they will admire you for not letting the embarrassment get to you.

XOXO Chatty Kathy

On Friday, December the 12th CKSS students of all ages set to the stage to participate in the “Starving Actors: Student Directed One Acts.”

Every year at the school students perform a few short one act plays for a night of theatrical entertainment. These plays are short – running about 10-20 minutes each, and feature many amazing student actors. The interesting thing about the one acts is that they are all directed by grade 12 students who have a passion for all things theatrical.

This year there were five plays each with cast sizes ranging from 3 to 8 people. The plays were directed by students Matthew Taylor, Jacqueline Stienstra, Sam Hacking, Sarah Mackay, Andrew Annis, Anastacia Pollack, Michaela Hotte, Kris G-M, and Savannah Meisenheimer, with help from Victoria Aramini. Most of the plays were found by the directors and adapted to be unique. However, directors Taylor and Hacking both chose to write their own plays to be performed.

Although these directors and their cast only had three and half weeks to block, memorize, practice, and perform their plays, the show went off without a hitch. All five plays were incredibly well done; the actors involved really pushed themselves and gave it their all in order to put on a great show.

Marsdin Davidson, a grade 12 student as CKSS, attended the One Act performances and thought they were very well done. “The show was really worth the money,” he said “They were like professional grade theatre performances done by our local students here at CKSS. Basically, they were really good and original; I would go see them again.” After the show, there was an overwhelming amount of praise from the audience towards the directors and actors.

Overall, the One Act performances were extremely well done. They left many people in the audience laughing and thinking about the witty one liners for a long time afterwards. The directors, actors, and all people involved with tech should be proud of the amazing show they put on, as they made it a great night.

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The week of December 8th-12th was the Green Team’s plastic water bottle awareness week. All week long, the members of Green Team could be found downstairs in the atrium handing out raffle tickets for those who brought in their reusable water bottle. They also gave raffle tickets to the students who participated in their water taste test, which was between water bought from the store and water from the ICEMATIC machine at school. The taste test was to conclude that there were no significant differences between bottled and tap water, and that people would save money using the water from their tap, rather than buying plastic water bottles from the store.

Over 50% of students who participated in the water taste test said that they preferred the water from the tap over the bottled water, proving the point even more. Sarah Gilham, a member of Green Team and the individual who initiated the water bottle awareness campaign, said, “The water bottle awareness week was a big success. We had over 100 participants! The taste test produced great results.  It turns out about 50% of students preferred tap water, opposed to the 25% who liked bottled water, and the 25% who couldn’t tell the difference. A big thank you to all who participated and helped to spread the message of why plastic water bottles are bad.”

The purpose of this awareness week was to show the students and staff of CKSS the problems that buying plastic water bottle cause the Earth. The amount of plastic used to create these is extraordinary.  In fact, if you were to fill a plastic water bottle a quarter of the way up, you can see how much oil was used to make the bottle. Now multiply that by 24 for that water bottle pack sitting in your home, and then multiply that by how many cases that are produced. Can you imagine that?

If you worry about the water from your tap being bad for you: don’t! You shower in that water and your skin is still the same! The water is completely safe to drink, and the taste doesn’t change. A reusable water bottle is much more cost efficient and eco-friendly! It is as easy as carrying a plastic water bottle around with you.

Congratulations to the winners of the raffle draw, and enjoy the prizes that you won for your eco-friendly views on the world. Continue (or start!) to use your reusable water bottles CKSS, and remember, there are plenty more ways for you to help the environment!

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This past Friday, students of CKSS participated in the Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science for students to try out. It is designed to demystify code-writing, and show that anyone can learn the basics of it. Craig Kielburger was the only high school in Milton to participate in it, and many elementary schools followed suit!

The goal was to have 100 million people worldwide participate in the fun activities and show that anyone can learn how to code. When CK students participated in them, they found that the coding activities were just fun games that didn’t even feel like coding. However, as they completed each level, the game would show them the line of code that they just wrote.

This year 76,177,381 people participated worldwide in the Hour of Code, and many people learned that coding isn’t as hard as they thought it was.