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This past month, two prominent school organizations have chosen who will lead them for the next year. In sterling examples of the democratic process, both this school’s Youth in Action club and the Performing Arts Council have elected their next President.

Youth in Action selected Christian Vandervough to be their next President. He has received nothing but high praise from many members of the current Youth in Action Cabinet. Outgoing Finance Minister Andrew Shepherd had the following to say about the President-Elect, “He’s committed, he knows his stuff, and he seems like a better leader then I could ever be.” There should be no doubt that he will be a powerful force for the 2015-2016 school year at CKSS.

In other election news, this school’s performing arts community has also elected it’s second President. Winning 67% of the vote, Secretary of State for the Performing Arts Council Thomas Sadgrove has now been elected President. Mister Sadgrove ran with running mate Jared Doke. Both are looking forward to whatever challenges they face next year.

Numerous members of the Council came forward to issue their support for Sadgrove. Congresswoman Samantha Hacking said, “I think we made a smart choice. He makes a great leader and will do a good job of helping the council to flourish next year.” Additionally, outgoing President Josh Sinclair said, “Thomas is a good friend and a capable politician. I have no doubt that the Council is safe in his hands. I wish him luck with his future endeavors next year.” President-elect Sadgrove will take his oath of office on June 8th when the Second Congress of the Performing Arts Council sits for the first time.

On June 1st elections will be held for the Student Activities Council. This is an election that every student will vote in. It will be a difficult task to find a successor to outgoing President Sarah Mohiuddin as she will be leaving large shoes to fill. Current SAC Vice President Sid Srikanth has already put his name in the running for the Presidency. A powerful force within SAC already, Srikanth already has a lot of “koalafications” as his posters say. The Spartan Spectator is now predicting that on June 1st current veep Srikanth will be elevated to the office of President.

So there it is. The Spartan Spectator predicts that the leaders of the three most powerful organizations throughout the school will be Christian Vandervough, Thomas Sadgrove, and Sid Srikanth. The democratic process is alive and well at this school, and we wish the best to the next generation of leaders.

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mental health picCKSS celebrated Metal Health Week throughout the duration of May 4th – 8th and the outcome was an overwhelming success. From an assembly to a play to free massages and therapy dogs, CK became a safe haven for those struggling with their mental health. Posters created by our very own CK students decorated the halls with inspiring, beneficial, and educational slogans and tips. Grade 11 student, Sid Srikanth, said in regards to the posters, “I think it is inspiring to see so much of the student body here at CKSS furthering their awareness concerning the stigma around mental health.”

Mental health awareness is very important; 1 in 5 teenagers struggle with their mental health. Considering our school has a population of around 2000 means that roughly 400 of our very own students here at CK struggle with some form of a mental health issue. I am thankful to be a part of a school that puts in such an amazing amount of effort to raise awareness around mental health. If you think you are struggling with your mental health talk to someone! Whether it be a teacher, a friend, a parent, or our fantastically supportive team of guidance counsellors down in Student Services, its important to reach out.

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It was another successful season for soccer at CKSS. This year both senior soccer teams showed their hard work and dedication to their teams and ultimately made our school proud of some more outstanding students.

The senior boys team played 7 games and won 2, lost 4, and tied 1. Their final game was a close one but unfortunately they lost and finished 7th overall. Grant Belanger was stellar in net and kept the team in the game with many of his amazing reflex saves as well, he earned two shut outs. Zahid Neemuchwala was the general in the mid-field while Colin Moffat, Ryan Murphy and Trevor Murphy were the teams work horses, and Mohammad Albaity was their clutch goal scorer. The coaches would like to thank all of the graduating players for their commitment to the program and congratulate the boys on a good season.

Senior girls soccer played 7 games with the results of 1 win, 5 losses, and 1 tied game. They won the Consolation Final of the OTHS Tournament at Shell Park. Bryanna South was this year’s captain of the team and played all 560 minutes of regular and post-season play; she truly had an outstanding season as a graduating player. As a team, they made it to the quarter-finals this year where they, unfortunately, lost to Holy Trinity. They still had a great game and put in a lot of effort with only 10 players and they only lost 2-0. As for any senior girl students who wish to join the team next year, tryouts begin shortly after March Break and players are expected to be committed to games/practices Monday through Thursday.

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On Thursday May 21 2015, the annual coffee house graced the stage of CKSS’ cafetorium once again. Students, parents, and teachers showed up to watch amazing acts perform their hearts out in acts ranging from singing, dancing, story-telling, and more.

The show started at 6:30pm and kept everyone entertained with over two hours of talent. Throughout the night there was a variety of acts that expressed everything from heart wrenching emotional content, to silly jokes that kept everyone laughing. The two teacher MC’s, Ms. Burnett and Mrs. Bullard, kept everyone entertained with fun fill in the blank games as well as lots of jokes.

The musical acts of the night had a wide variety to impress with. People were singing, dancing, playing saminstruments, and even rapping that night. The talent was incredible with some people performing original pieces or taking an old song and making it unique to them.

On the other side of the creative spectrum the reading pieces were incredibly done this year. From poetry to prose, every single reader touched the hearts of those in the audience. The night featured pieces of all kinds. There were school projects touching on issues around the world, original creative writing pieces including new and old characters, as well as beautiful spoken word pieces.

At the intermission the group of bewildered audience members gathered in the school hallway to discuss the amazing performers they had already seen, and were still yet to be seen. Everyone sipped coffee and munched on delicious cookies and sandwiches provided by the generous food school here at CKSS. The delicious refreshments helped tie together an amazing night for everyone.

With full bellies and happy hearts everyone left the school with nothing but good things to say. It was an incredible turn out, both in audience and performers. The bravery of all the performers was outstanding as they shared their heart and soul on stage. Thank you to everyone who helped make the night so great including the staff members involved as well as the tech crew for making everyone bright and loud.

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On May 14, 2015, several Spartans arrived early in the morning to school in anticipation for the exciting voyage they were about to embark on. Some had been planning for the trip to New York for a few months, and others for even longer, but either way, there was no doubt about the animated atmosphere. It was time to go explore the streets that gave several New York icons their name, the rich art culture protruding from traditional and modern roots, and the lights that sparkle even as the sun goes down in the city that doesn’t sleep.

The trip included highlights such as trips to the Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Chelsea Market, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Students and teachers both were awed by the raw beauty of the art in the museum and how much of it was cleverly rooted in a modern and stylish impression. This theme of art that NYC wholesomely encompasses was echoed by lanterns that swung softly above the CK crew as they made their way through the Chelsea Market. Times Square was a token to much of the student and staff satisfaction throughout the trip. It beckoned them to explore, enlighten, and empower themselves through the power of a journey. Bustling through the packed streets just added to the experience: the crowd was symbolic of the thriving and lavish vibe of the city.

Blowing bubbles in NYC’s Central Park, several students sighed in content and formulated aspirations to continue their electric love affair with the magnetic city. The colours that intoxicated their senses and framed several of their pictures are memories not soon to be forgotten. It could be that just one question remains: when’s the next trip?