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Grace Zhu, Staff Writer

Stepping up from last year’s position in tier two, this year’s senior girls field hockey team had to fight extra hard to compete with the excellent teams in tier one. Captained by Faryn Smith and Jess McCann, the girls started off the season with four consecutive wins at the Revamp Field Hockey tournament in Stoney Creek, bringing back the champion title for CKSS. They continued on to win 2 of 7 regular season games against Notre Dame and Loyola, falling short against Blakelock, Hayden, Aquinas, Oakville Trafalgar, and Nelson. Coaches Mr. Miranda and Ms. Penner worked hard to ensure the team’s success, organizing a field hockey clinic and rigorous practices throughout the playing season. Unfortunately, the girls did not make the playoffs this year, but at least they had fun!

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Alyssa Matheson, Staff Writer

October 15th was a great day for all overachievers at CKSS… It was the night of the annual academics awards evening.


The ceremony was long, but what else would you expect when 434 students were being honoured, not just for making the honour roll, but also for getting the highest marks in their respective classes. Also, for one one person in each grade, a gift card was presented to award them for the highest overall average.


The concert band performed “O Canada” at the beginning of the ceremony, and a piece called “Rivers” in between the distribution of grade 10 and 11 certificates, which detailed the personal achievements of each student.


Sadly, the awards and certificates did not come with secret access to an honour roll only study lounge, not that I’d tell you if they did. People can get kicked off the list for that!


Although they don’t come with any secret rooms, these awards let people know their hard work is appreciated, and truly does pay off, even if it’s just in the form of punch and snacks served in the hall after the ceremony.

Shalini Mohan, Staff Writer

This year Craig Kielburger Secondary School’s Junior show is ‘Murder on a Hot Tin Roof’. This comical murder mystery is a play within a play, which involves audience participation. The narrator directly connects with the audience, breaking the 4th wall. Then the narrator gets murdered in the middle of the play. The characters on stage are very confused, being forced to come out of their roles, and be their ‘real selves’ to try to solve the mystery.


  Alex Nojadera who plays the director, Blanche Latoure gave some insight on what it was like to work with her directors Mrs. Cates and Mrs. Burnett. “It’s fun, they are really encouraging” Alex also stated, “when I read through the play once, I thought that this one person committed the murder, when it turned out to be someone completely different… I was completely surprised! It is a really good plot”. So prepare to be shocked CKSS.


  Mrs. Burnett spoke about why she chose this play for high school students. She stated “It’s really fun and nice to have the audience participation, where the characters literally walk off the stage and get to go up and ask the audience members a question.” For what to expect when going to see this play she said “ expect to laugh, and to be a little bit nervous because the audience is put under arrest by one of the characters. The audience is the suspect as well”.


  There is going to be an opportunity for a buyout at this beginning of next week. So keep your eye out for a buyout CKSS because you wouldn’t want to miss this play. Other nights on which the play is going to performed are:Thursday November 5th and Friday November 6th. Students of CKSS, come out and support the Junior Show this year, you don’t want to miss this exciting murder mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Leaving you with a last message from Mrs. Burnett. “Expect some laughs, and some thrills”.