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By: Arfa Rana

As if we haven’t had enough days off from school, here comes another holiday, May 23, 2016 . What are your plans for this Victoria Day? I know that sleeping in and not getting up any earlier than you have to is every high school student’s dream, but there are lots of fun things you’re missing out on. Here, let me highlight a few.




It has been a long, dreadful winter.  And if you’re a summer person like me, you’re probably planning on moving to West Coast as soon as you get your hands on your high school diploma- do not lose faith, we’re almost there! But guess what? The weather’s (finally) getting warmer and summer is almost here; why not go outside and soak in the sun? Besides, with summatives and exams on their way, stress can be problem. But do not fret, the Sun has proven to be a good stress relief AND it improves your mood. The Sun never stays long in Canada, so take it your best advantage, Go play a sport, hang out at the park with your friends or simply just take a walk.




So you’ve been complaining to anybody and everybody about the three projects you have due this week , that math test you haven’t even BEGUN studying for and the 5oo word essay that must be double spaced, font Times New Roman, size 12 on the industrial revolution due the day-after-tomorrow. If only you had an extra day… Now you have it. I won’t spend much time trying to convince that it’ll all be worth in the end, you’ll get the reward when you work for it yourself. Good luck and happy studying.


(You may only proceed to read this if you have read and acted upon #2)

Who doesn’t love netflix? Netflix has over 13,300 titles of popular movies and Tv shows worldwide. So, get yourself a bag of chips, order an extra large pizza and coke  (it’s okay, it’s cheat day) and head down to the basement for a 12-hour movie/tv show marathon!

By: Alyssa Matheson

From the set at the beginning, to the curtain call at the end, “The Matchmaker” had the audience hooked on a feeling of enjoyment and pride for the arts program of our school. The hilarious performances by the actors were amazing and kept the audience watching the background in fear of missing a hilarious part of the performance. The humor was balanced well with romantic drama and monetary conflicts, which may seem like a challenge for high school students, but it was executed wonderfully and was quite believable. Sid Srikanth, the cab man in the play, said that this was a “beautiful experience and a wonderful way to say goodbye to high school.”

Luckily there is still another opportunity to see the wonderfully talented students of CK perform again; Coffee House. May 19th will be an amazing night full of music, poetry, and dramatic performances all performed by CK’s own musicians, writers, and actors. Stay tuned for more information about auditions to get your chance at sharing your talents with the school.

By: Mariyam Usmani

How much do you like playing knowledge trivia games? Well, for the CK School REACH Team, the game presents opportunity to compete with other school teams in the school region and earn a name in REACH prosperity. The most recent tournament was the Senior REACH’s competition on March 29, 2016. If I asked you what word “Canada” comes from, could you tell me? If your answer is ‘kanata’, then you undeniably qualify for such trivia−related success. Lead often by Mrs. Baker, the competition ignites a yearning for not only success, but friendship, cooperation and a greater determination to succeed. What are you waiting for?  Brush up on your general knowledge and gear your brain up to win the next competition!

By: Catiyana Adam

Elly at age 16, instructing others on how to use a lathe.

Spending your period 5 spare listening to someone talk about history from 90 years ago? Not exactly everyone’s idea of a great Friday afternoon. But for those of us who attended Elly Gotz’s Holocaust presentation on April 15th, it wasn’t a waste of an afternoon at all.


Elly Gotz is a Holocaust survivor. He is also an engineer, businessman, and international traveller. By the age of 5, Elly was fluent in 4 languages, including Yiddish – a language he picked up unbeknownst to his parents, who only used it to communicate when they wanted to talk about him. He was liberated from the Dachau concentration camp at 17, and by that time he had evaded near-massacre, helped build an impenetrable factory, and secreted away dozens of books from under the watch of the Nazis. Elly’s life was not easy. His family hid in a dark basement for days to escape death, with nothing to do except plan their suicide in the event that their location was discovered. He worked grueling 12-hour shifts to construct the underground factory, and lost a dear friend in 5 feet of concrete (one of six victims who are still buried in the walls today).


When Elly was finally liberated from Dachau, he applied to university in Munich. He was accepted, but soon after, his family relocated to Norway – where he would add another language to his repertoire in just under 3 months. Family members secured Elly and his parents a spot in Rhodesia a year later (modern-day Zimbabwe), where he was able to complete his degree as an Electrical Engineer. There, Elly put himself at risk to advocate for the rights of black students; “I knew how cruel and misguided prejudice is… I protested as much as I could, but I was on a Visa; I had to ensure I was not expelled,” he said in a speech to students in South Africa.


Elly finally settled in Canada (adding another language to his belt – English) where he became a pilot, entrepreneur, and business-owner. Now he travels the world speaking out against intolerance and genocide. Although over eighty years old, Elly exudes a powerful presence on stage, evoking the horrors of the Holocaust with the grace and humour only a survivor can muster.


I corresponded with Elly Gotz after his presentation to ask him what his message to the youth of today is. “[I] tell the truth, again and again, in the hope that humanity will learn something from the past. Sometimes I read the papers and despair, [so] I look into your faces and hope your generation will do a better job.”


An eighty-year old who’s a linguist, activist, and considerably adept at email? Come on, tell me that’s not just a little bit impressive!

By: Bhavani Narayanan

On Thursday, April 7th, the CKSS concert choir performed with the senior choir in the Halton Showcase.

Around 2000 friends and family members gathered at Hamilton Place to witness the  celebration of music.

The performance was composed of the children’s choir, the intermediate choir, the senior choir, the wind ensemble, the junior jazz band, and the senior concert band, among others.

The senior choir included students from various high schools in the Halton Region and was under the direction of Ms. Kendra Chow, the music and vocalist teacher here at CKSS, as well as Ms. Berry, a music teacher from Frank J. Hayden Secondary School. Together, they conducted the senior choir who performed La Lluvia, Prayer of the Children, and It Takes A Whole Village, which featured percussion by CK students, and solos from CK’s own Carole Palattao and Thomas Sadgrove.

“It was an incredible performance, the Senior Choir was the highlight of the entire night. The conductors really outdid themselves,” said one of the audience members.

“I cried during Prayer of the Children. It was so beautiful, I was in awe of the talent the choir possesses,” another said.

Overall, it seems that the choir had a great night, a great performance, and left a great impression on the Halton Music Program.

The CKSS Choir will be performing in the Spring Concert on May 5th, at CKSS in the gym. Further details will be released soon.

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By: Alyssa Matheson

As you know, we’ve hit the middle of this semester and that can only mean one thing – midterms.

Some people have been getting mark updates throughout the semester, so they have a rough idea of what their mark is going to be; for others, it can come as a complete shock.

Regardless of what your personal goals are, if you missed the mark for your midterms, don’t worry too much. Take a day to regroup and make a plan for how you’re going to handle the rest of the semester. The improving weather and soon approaching summer holidays can detract from concentration, so setting a feasible plan in motion is the key to getting back in the mark range where you want to be.

Hopefully you’ve already moved past the denial stage, and skipped the anger stage entirely. Once you hit the bargaining stage, you can make some real improvements. Talk to your teachers (they are reasonable people too), explain calmly to them where you wish your marks to be, and ask them how you can get work up to your goal – as long as you are respectful, you’ll have a shot.

Now you have to take the next step and implement your plans. To help with this, find somewhere you like to study. Maybe you like studying in a coffee shop surrounded by people, or perhaps you like the silence of a library. Wherever you choose to study, and whatever you have to do to get your grades where you want them, remember: it’s not the end of the world, or the end of the semester, we’re only halfway there.

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Deevain Bedi

Whether you are cheering on survivors, walking the track, passing the baton to your teammates, or even joining the many track side activities CKSS will have, Relay for Life is more than just a cancer walk, it’s a journey. This year CKSS will be participating in this journey, and contribute to the fight against cancer. An event created by the Canadian Cancer Society, 100 percent of the funds go towards cancer awareness, research and the many services the Canadian Cancer Society run.

At CKSS our Relay will run from 10am to 10 pm, a total of 12 hours! However, this won’t be a boring event! From water balloon fights, to ice cream bars, and even a dance at sunset, the Relay will be LIT! It’s a party with a purpose! Dunk tanks, student performances, local talent, hair donations, speeches from survivors and dignitaries are just of the few activities planned.

It is encouraged teams are 7 – 12 people, and registration is only 20 dollars! The tickets grant you access to the relay, a t-shirt, a luminary, a ticket for the big draw, and other fun surprises and perks for when you come to the relay! The theme is countries so gather your teammates, pick a country and think of a creative name and come signup! The German Giants, The Amazing Austrians, and the Dashing Danes (Denmark) are just some of the creative team names that have signed up!  

Relay for Life, is more than just a cancer walk, it’s a journey, and at CK this journey will be LIT! It’s a party with a purpose. Come join us on May 12 for this amazing journey and party. Bring your team to sign up during period 3, 4 or 5 in the front atrium! I will see you there!