An Unexpected Guest

An Unexpected Guest

Mariyam Usmani 

The CK gym buzzed on March 26th as the bleachers filled with the grade nines hurrying to get to their seats before the presentation started. A hush fell over the room as Ian Tyson stepped out in front of the audience, commanding the attention of all in order to begin a high-energy presentation. Many of the students thought that this would be a serious presentation; that they would be given a life-long message that could guide them. Although the presentation was indeed thought-provoking and vivacious,  students were not simply left contemplating the message, but were rolling in hysteria.

Tyson danced with all of his energy to a gym full of stunned students, one leg here, one arm there. One student tittered while another wondered if he had lost his mind. Feeling the shock, Tyson stopped, smiled, and proceeded to let out another short joke which resulted in loud laughter. At one point, Tyson even revealed himself in a Superman shirt, much to the chagrin of a few students, who always wondered if there was a possibility of being the hero himself.

Tyson’s bright and humorous stories strengthened the budding students’ hopes to become great, to build connections, and to grow and love themselves. He taught them to accept mistakes and accept defeat, yet keep looking to the greener side of the grass. His colourful character was welcomed and his warm message will stay with many students as they continue their journey through high school.


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