Junior Show Success

Junior Show Success

November 6th and 7th of this year saw Craig Kielburger Secondary School’s drama program displaying its talents in the junior show, “Get Smart.”  The show was a resounding success, and the audiences loved every minute of it. The show was in two acts and starred a cast of grade 9s and 10s with a few seniors added into the mix. There is no doubt that this show was a great way to begin the year for the drama program.

“Get Smart” was originally a 1960’s television comedy involving the antics of an organization called CONTROL, and its efforts to thwart KAOS, the international organization of evil. The show focused primarily on slap- stick comedy, puns, and the ineptitude of CONTROL thanks to its best (yet incompetent) agent, Maxwell Smart. The play that the juniors performed was a synthesized version of the first two episodes of the series. The plot focused on Mr. Big of KAOS launching a stratagem to kidnap a Portuguese Princess, and steal a weapon of mass destruction. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Chief of Control (Shahan Mansoori), Agent 99 (Laryssa Laurignano), and Maxwell Smart (Dante Jemmott), KAOS’ plot was foiled.

This was one of the largest junior shows, as the cast numbered over twenty people. Despite the large cast, the play was not too long, clocking in at just about one hour and twenty minutes. It was an amazing experience for all involved – and Mrs. Cates, the director of the show, really enjoyed her time working with this cast and crew!

Now that the junior show is over, many of the cast and crew from “Get Smart” have gone on to star in or direct one of the One Act Plays, which will be performed on Friday, December 12th. All that can be said about “Get Smart” is that the bar for dramatic excellence has been set high by the juniors this year. It’s pretty clear that this will be a fantastic year for the dramatic arts at Craig Kielburger Secondary School.


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