Starving Actors

Starving Actors

On Friday, December the 12th CKSS students of all ages set to the stage to participate in the “Starving Actors: Student Directed One Acts.”

Every year at the school students perform a few short one act plays for a night of theatrical entertainment. These plays are short – running about 10-20 minutes each, and feature many amazing student actors. The interesting thing about the one acts is that they are all directed by grade 12 students who have a passion for all things theatrical.

This year there were five plays each with cast sizes ranging from 3 to 8 people. The plays were directed by students Matthew Taylor, Jacqueline Stienstra, Sam Hacking, Sarah Mackay, Andrew Annis, Anastacia Pollack, Michaela Hotte, Kris G-M, and Savannah Meisenheimer, with help from Victoria Aramini. Most of the plays were found by the directors and adapted to be unique. However, directors Taylor and Hacking both chose to write their own plays to be performed.

Although these directors and their cast only had three and half weeks to block, memorize, practice, and perform their plays, the show went off without a hitch. All five plays were incredibly well done; the actors involved really pushed themselves and gave it their all in order to put on a great show.

Marsdin Davidson, a grade 12 student as CKSS, attended the One Act performances and thought they were very well done. “The show was really worth the money,” he said “They were like professional grade theatre performances done by our local students here at CKSS. Basically, they were really good and original; I would go see them again.” After the show, there was an overwhelming amount of praise from the audience towards the directors and actors.

Overall, the One Act performances were extremely well done. They left many people in the audience laughing and thinking about the witty one liners for a long time afterwards. The directors, actors, and all people involved with tech should be proud of the amazing show they put on, as they made it a great night.


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