Student Opinions: Canadian Winters

Student Opinions: Canadian Winters

We’ve all heard of the stereotype that Canadians love the winter. After all, it’s the perfect time for polar bear riding, igloo building, and penguin racing… right? Many students at CKSS wholeheartedly agree. These winter-loving citizens bask in the cheer of hot chocolate, fluffy snowflakes, and holidays. However, as that chilly time of year rolls around again, not everyone is delighted. The degrees are dropping rapidly, and many winter-hating voices are rising just as quickly with complaints of frostbite and shoveling. In the spirit of the season, we decided to discover the truth about Canadians. Students all over CKSS were asked the question: “Let it snow”, or “It can go!” Here’s what they said:


63% said, “Let it snow!”

“We live in Canada, so we might as well embrace the snow and winter activities!”

“When it’s cold, you can bundle up. When it’s hot you can only take off so many layers before it gets awkward!”

“Snowboarding. Enough said.”

“I strongly believe that snow is important, for the following reasons: 1. Snow days, 2. Snowball fights, 4. Snow days, 5. Sledding, 6. I missed 3.”


37% said, “It can go!”

“Snow is horrible. Cold is horrible. Everything about it is horrible. I want summer back now.”

“I don’t know if it’s the cold or the snow, but this time of year always has me down. It can all go.”

“It’s cold and makes everything wet. I ain’t about that life.”

“Ain’t nobody got time for shoveling!!”


As it turns out, the stereotype about Canadians is somewhat true. The majority of CKSS students love the winter and embrace the snow. Nevertheless, a large number of students prefer the warmth of summer. Either way, winter is here to stay. So, grab an extra-large Tim Horton’s hot chocolate, your toque, and your dog sled, and get ready for another Canadian winter.

Happy holidays, eh?


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