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Shalini Mohan, Staff Writer

This year Craig Kielburger Secondary School’s Junior show is ‘Murder on a Hot Tin Roof’. This comical murder mystery is a play within a play, which involves audience participation. The narrator directly connects with the audience, breaking the 4th wall. Then the narrator gets murdered in the middle of the play. The characters on stage are very confused, being forced to come out of their roles, and be their ‘real selves’ to try to solve the mystery.


  Alex Nojadera who plays the director, Blanche Latoure gave some insight on what it was like to work with her directors Mrs. Cates and Mrs. Burnett. “It’s fun, they are really encouraging” Alex also stated, “when I read through the play once, I thought that this one person committed the murder, when it turned out to be someone completely different… I was completely surprised! It is a really good plot”. So prepare to be shocked CKSS.


  Mrs. Burnett spoke about why she chose this play for high school students. She stated “It’s really fun and nice to have the audience participation, where the characters literally walk off the stage and get to go up and ask the audience members a question.” For what to expect when going to see this play she said “ expect to laugh, and to be a little bit nervous because the audience is put under arrest by one of the characters. The audience is the suspect as well”.


  There is going to be an opportunity for a buyout at this beginning of next week. So keep your eye out for a buyout CKSS because you wouldn’t want to miss this play. Other nights on which the play is going to performed are:Thursday November 5th and Friday November 6th. Students of CKSS, come out and support the Junior Show this year, you don’t want to miss this exciting murder mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Leaving you with a last message from Mrs. Burnett. “Expect some laughs, and some thrills”.

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Salutations Spartans!

As many of you may know, the Spartan Spectator has been operating successfully since September! However, with only a few months left before the end of the school year, it’s important that the Spectator team begins to look towards the future state of the school newspaper for the year of 2015-2016.

The majority of our writing staff consists of grade 12 students, and as a result most of us will not be returning to Craig Kielburger Secondary School next year. We would hate to see the Spectator leave with us, and so we ask for your help! We’ve always wanted to recruit more members to the team, but due to the very nature of the newspaper we were required to work with very few people. Next year, however, there will be a ton of slots to fill!

We also wanted to express that the Spectator consists of more than just writers. From the beginning, we’re always looking for students with different interests, and to find different ways to apply them. In addition to replacing the jobs which we currently have, we would also like to see this as an opportunity to introduce new ideas, which are hopefully suggested by you!

Applications will be available outside of the English office as of today, and we would encourage you to pick up a copy! For more information, be sure see Mrs. Bullard or Ms. Burnett!


Brandyn Dixon


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Black History Month is a month in which we recognize and appreciate the struggle and strength demonstrated by strong and enduring individuals. We celebrate the beauty of their diversity, the clear-cut edge of their sleek grace; and that is exactly what Craig Kielburger Secondary School did on Friday, February the 20th when the Black History Fashion Show was held in the school cafeteria during third period.

Mrs. O’Brien’s fashion class dressed up in traditional African attire, demonstrating the roots and detailed fragments of the rich culture. They wore outfits from different fabrics of Africa, including Ghana, Nigeria and Somalia. Vivid colours and bright patterns were essential to the style, and as the gathering students watched, even several of the school’s enthusiastic teachers joined in. Ms. Barnaby and Mr.Turnbull struck several poses walking down the “runway” of the show, effectively making the audience smile and laugh. Mr. Spragge was seen rocking a long, traditional amber-orange garment, having a good time.

Overall, eyes lit up with the pristine and modern shine of the style as well as creased in appreciation of more ancient outfits. The room vibrated with positive energy and the CK community upheld the African origins with respect and beauty.

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Dear Chatty Kathy,

My friend always borrows my clothes and books and never gives them back. I don’t want to ask her to give them back because I don’t want to seem rude and that I don’t trust her. Should I just leave it alone?

Sincerely, Missing Items


Dear Missing Items,

If she is your best friend then she won’t be offended if you ask for your things back. If your items that mean a lot to you and you really want them back, then ask for them. They are your items and she might have just forgotten that she has them in her possession. It won’t break your friendship up and she won’t be hurt that you want them back. Don’t be worried about your friendship; if you have the trust to lend things out then it is already a strong relationship.

XOXO Chatty Kathy


Dear Chatty Kathy,

My boyfriend told me that I can’t talk to my best friend, who happens to be a guy. But we’ve been best friends since the sixth grade and I don’t want to lose him as a friend. He means a lot to me, what do I do?

Sincerely, Torn Teenager


Dear Torn Teenager,

If your boyfriend says you can’t talk to your best friend because he is a guy, you should dump him. He can’t control every aspect of your life and if he wants to limit your friend group then he is a good for nothing loser. Or if you want to stay with your boyfriend because you like him a lot, then you should talk to him about trust and the fact that he can trust you while talking to your best friend. You should not give up your friends for your boyfriend that is extremely unhealthy. Your best friend is an important part of your life and your boyfriend has to accept that because he should want you as you come, and not try to change you.

XOXO Chatty Kathy


Dear Chatty Kathy,

My parents have always had really high expectations for me, and I just don’t know if I can continue living up to them. I’ve been trying really hard to do well in school and help out around the house, but no matter what I do it just isn’t enough. I feel lost and don’t know what to do. Help me.

Sincerely, Distressed Damsel

Dear Distressed Damsel,

I can guarantee that your parents are proud of the person you are. If you’re really as dedicated to your school and home as you say you are then I’m sure that your parents recognise the effort you put in. Sometimes parents aren’t great at saying what they mean and they find it hard to say the things that are worth saying. But you have to know that they care about you and they want the best for you. My advice to you is to take things one step at a time. There is no sense stressing yourself out about expectations that you can’t control. Do your best because when you are doing all that you can do, people will see that and no one can deny your effort and dedication.

XOXO Chatty Kathy

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Salutations Spartans!

I would like to thank all those reading, as this marks the beginning of our brand new school newspaper, the Spartan Spectator! The Spectator members have all worked hard over the past month trying to get this started, so we hope you enjoy it!

There are several things we hope to achieve by beginning a school newspaper here at Craig Kielburger Secondary School, which will hopefully benefit our students. Currently, the only reliable source of information for events happening in our school is the school website itself. However, the website feels extremely one-dimensional. While it provides some basic information about sports, clubs, and important events, it fails to engage the reader and act as more than just a platform for information. We hope that with the newspaper format that the Spectator has taken, readers will be able to look to it for a more in-depth and interesting analysis on school events.

It’s extremely important that the students within our school feel engaged and like they are part of a community. Each student should feel connected to the events happening in our school, and not just restrict themselves to the clubs and events of which they are a part. Someone who misses “the big game” due to other commitments shouldn’t be excluded from that moment forever. It’s important that everyone gets the chance to experience the important events in our school if they missed them, or even relive them because they enjoyed them so much!

The Spartan Spectator team is a perfect example of a community which involves those with different interests. It’s not just about writing, but about personal interests in a topic. The Spectator team includes students with interests varying from web design to business. And so, I would like to give you the opportunity to meet our staff, all of whom have put in tremendous effort and dedication in order to make this happen:

  • Brandyn Dixon – Editor
  • Liberty Alleston – Current Events Writer
  • Michaela Hotte – Arts and Entertainment Writer
  • Sam Hacking – Arts and Entertainment Writer
  • Mark Sansome – Web Designer
  • Mariyam Usmani – Contributing Writer
  • Nicole Ford – Photographer
  • Josh Koopstra – Design & Layout
  • Keval Raja – Business
  • Sarah Mohiuddin – Contributing Writer
  • Sam Gualtieri – Arts and Entertainment
  • Matthew Taylor – Creative Writer
  • Ms. Bullard, Miss Burnett & Mr. Featherstone – Staff Advisors


Again, thank you all for reading, and we hope you’ll read again next month!


Brandyn Dixon