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It was another successful season for soccer at CKSS. This year both senior soccer teams showed their hard work and dedication to their teams and ultimately made our school proud of some more outstanding students.

The senior boys team played 7 games and won 2, lost 4, and tied 1. Their final game was a close one but unfortunately they lost and finished 7th overall. Grant Belanger was stellar in net and kept the team in the game with many of his amazing reflex saves as well, he earned two shut outs. Zahid Neemuchwala was the general in the mid-field while Colin Moffat, Ryan Murphy and Trevor Murphy were the teams work horses, and Mohammad Albaity was their clutch goal scorer. The coaches would like to thank all of the graduating players for their commitment to the program and congratulate the boys on a good season.

Senior girls soccer played 7 games with the results of 1 win, 5 losses, and 1 tied game. They won the Consolation Final of the OTHS Tournament at Shell Park. Bryanna South was this year’s captain of the team and played all 560 minutes of regular and post-season play; she truly had an outstanding season as a graduating player. As a team, they made it to the quarter-finals this year where they, unfortunately, lost to Holy Trinity. They still had a great game and put in a lot of effort with only 10 players and they only lost 2-0. As for any senior girl students who wish to join the team next year, tryouts begin shortly after March Break and players are expected to be committed to games/practices Monday through Thursday.

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On Thursday April 9th, CKSS was booming with many talented young people all competing in the Halton Skills Competition. There were many different competitions taking place, from photography to floral arrangements.

High school students all across Halton have a chance to be in a SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) program when they enter their senior years of high school. These programs are specific to your own interests allow you to expand your skills of that one program. Many SHSM programs are offered at CKSS and even if they don’t have the program that you are looking for it is available to all CKSS students. CK had many representatives across the board competing in their gruelling challenges and made the school very proud.

As well as having high school students present for their competitions, many elementary school students braced the daunting task of competing in challenges. As clubs that are set up in elementary schools, students from grades 4-8 got the chance to compete against each other.

An awards ceremony took place at the end of the night to commemorate all the students who competed in this years Halton Skills Competition and to give light to those who won in their areas. To all those who competed in the competition this year we would like to applaud you for your amazing efforts and hard work! You made CKSS proud!

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The Spartan boys wrestling team had an amazing season this year that showed dedication from all of their members. With the boys practicing after school almost every day, the team had many successes and made the Spartan name proud! They came second in GHAC against Bishop Ryan, but when OFSAA came around they managed to beat Bishop Ryan for the first place title!

The Spartans also brought home four medals from this year’s OFSAA tournament: Cole Michaelis with gold, Jake Michaelis and Colin Moffat with silver, and Cody Franke with bronze! Cole was able to beat his opponent with a score of 11-0, both Jake and Colin lost by only one point, and Cody was able to win against his opponent with a score of 9-4. Other CKSS wrestlers in the OFSAA contingent include Arthur Mrozek, Zahid Nemmuchwala, Suneel Rambharose, and Adam Rochon.

Mr. Vanellis and Mr. Crowe are very proud of the team and the hard work they put in this season. Check out the OFSAA banner and plaque in its display case and don’t forget to congratulate the boys on all that they accomplished. You did Craig Kielburger proud!

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Grade 10s,

The writers on Spartan Spectator have all gone through the scary standardized test that is the literacy test. So we thought to ease your nerves and worries we would compile a list of tips to help you through it:

  • Don’t overwrite. If you spend too much time on one question you won’t have time for the rest.
  • If you’re stuck on something, move on and come back.
  • Pay attention throughout all of the prep sessions.
  • Don’t leave anything blank; try for everything!
  • Go over the reading twice to make sure you didn’t miss anything.
  • Pace yourself, don’t spend too much time on one section.
  • Don’t stress yourself out too much. It’s not that hard as long as you do what it tells you to do. 

We got through it and so will you. Don’t worry about it, it’s a piece of cake!


Spartan Spectator Staff


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The Spartan Hockey team did amazingly well this year competing in two competitive tournaments: The 20th Annual London CCH Cup, where they made the finals but unfortunately lost 5-1 to St. Basil’s Saints from Sault St. Marie, and the 31st Invitational Burbear Tournament, where they overthrown in the semifinals by Philip Pocock Pirates from Mississauga. For the last five years, Spartan Hockey was in the Tier Two division but after the amazing games this year, they were able to make the prestigious Tier One Division. This awarded them an extended schedule of two games a week where they faced off against past winners of GHAC and OFSSA! In the end, they placed 11th out of 19 teams which deserves a round of applause.

The hockey team requires a lot of dedication from its players, as it runs from October to March. As well, the members were required to go off-site for games and practices which were quite a distance from the school.

There were still some rewards for all of this hard work and dedication that the team put in. When the team traveled to London for the CCH Cup they saw the London Knights compete against the Sault St. Marie Greyhounds at the OHL’s premier arena, The Budweiser Gardens. As well, in theOctober preseason, Spartan hockey players volunteered alongside NHL players Curtis Joseph, Martin Biron, and Marcel Dionne at the Hershey Center in Mississauga. The players helped the ‘big shots’ run a one day “skills camp” for the United Way and Boys and Girls clubs!hockeyy

It goes to show that the hockey team’s reputation preceded them at the tournaments, as they were recognised by players and spectators from the Kielburger name. Next year, the Spartan hockey team hopes to be involved with more fundraisers; possibly a teacher-student game or a high school invitational tournament to benefit Free the Children.

The team bonded and developed during the year and thrived in their games. They will miss their departing players off to college and university next year who led in scoring: the “Triple M” line of Ryan Murphy, Trevor Murphy, and Scott Meech. They had a mind-blowing, on-ice chemistry, where they would know where each other were on the ice at any given time. Additionally, there will be empty spots left by stalwart defenseman Dalton Sherman, who was a solid fixture on their blue line, and high-energy Chad Fugere, who could excel in any situation. Special honours go out to Josh McMillan and Gabe Baud, the two goalies, who showed their athleticism, poise under fire, and perseverance. The coaches have nothing but good things to report about the players in the program, and congratulate them on a great season!

Next year the team plans on at least three tournaments. As a bonus, the team is looking to see the Montreal Canadiens compete at the Bell Center while in Quebec, and they expect to enter the OTHS Invitational, Burlington Burbear, and possibly the Cabernet Cup tournaments in Toronto.


CCH Cup results:                                                                       31st Annual Burlington Burbear results:

GAME 1:  T  2-2  vs JP II                                                            GAME 1: L 3-2 vs West Ferris Trojans

GAME 2:  L  5-2   vs St. Basil’s                                                  GAME 2: W 5-3 vs St. Thomas Acquinas Saints

GAME 3:  W  7-1  vs Bissette                                                    GAME 3: W 6-3 vs Notre Dame Shamrocks

GAME 4:  W 7-4  vs Blyth                                                         GAME 4: L 6-3 vs Pocock

GAME 5:  L 5-1 vs St. Basil’s


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The week of December 8th-12th was the Green Team’s plastic water bottle awareness week. All week long, the members of Green Team could be found downstairs in the atrium handing out raffle tickets for those who brought in their reusable water bottle. They also gave raffle tickets to the students who participated in their water taste test, which was between water bought from the store and water from the ICEMATIC machine at school. The taste test was to conclude that there were no significant differences between bottled and tap water, and that people would save money using the water from their tap, rather than buying plastic water bottles from the store.

Over 50% of students who participated in the water taste test said that they preferred the water from the tap over the bottled water, proving the point even more. Sarah Gilham, a member of Green Team and the individual who initiated the water bottle awareness campaign, said, “The water bottle awareness week was a big success. We had over 100 participants! The taste test produced great results.  It turns out about 50% of students preferred tap water, opposed to the 25% who liked bottled water, and the 25% who couldn’t tell the difference. A big thank you to all who participated and helped to spread the message of why plastic water bottles are bad.”

The purpose of this awareness week was to show the students and staff of CKSS the problems that buying plastic water bottle cause the Earth. The amount of plastic used to create these is extraordinary.  In fact, if you were to fill a plastic water bottle a quarter of the way up, you can see how much oil was used to make the bottle. Now multiply that by 24 for that water bottle pack sitting in your home, and then multiply that by how many cases that are produced. Can you imagine that?

If you worry about the water from your tap being bad for you: don’t! You shower in that water and your skin is still the same! The water is completely safe to drink, and the taste doesn’t change. A reusable water bottle is much more cost efficient and eco-friendly! It is as easy as carrying a plastic water bottle around with you.

Congratulations to the winners of the raffle draw, and enjoy the prizes that you won for your eco-friendly views on the world. Continue (or start!) to use your reusable water bottles CKSS, and remember, there are plenty more ways for you to help the environment!

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This past Friday, students of CKSS participated in the Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science for students to try out. It is designed to demystify code-writing, and show that anyone can learn the basics of it. Craig Kielburger was the only high school in Milton to participate in it, and many elementary schools followed suit!

The goal was to have 100 million people worldwide participate in the fun activities and show that anyone can learn how to code. When CK students participated in them, they found that the coding activities were just fun games that didn’t even feel like coding. However, as they completed each level, the game would show them the line of code that they just wrote.

This year 76,177,381 people participated worldwide in the Hour of Code, and many people learned that coding isn’t as hard as they thought it was.

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Why did the boy eat his math contest? Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake!

This past Thursday, seven seniors and fifteen intermediate students participated in the first of many math contests. The Grade 9 and 10s wrote the Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest (CIMC) while the Grade 11 and 12s wrote the Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest (CSMC). The math contests challenged the minds of 21 CKSS students with tricky thinking questions from many areas in math. Since it was only written a week ago, the results are not quite in, but we all know that the CKSS students who par- ticipated did wonderfully. The next math contest will be on February 24th; the Pascal Contest for Grade 9s, the Cayley Contest for Grade 10s, and the Fermat Contest for Grade 11s.

If math contests are something that are up your alley, please contact Mr. Gilmour in the Math/Science office or sign up for Remind101 messages by texting @ckmathclub to 289-814-3201. If this interests you, you should check out the CEMC website to practice past math contests in order to get ready!

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We Scare Hunger

Liberty Alleston
Staff Writer

October is not just a month dedicated to spooky skeletons and trick-or-treating; it is also a time that can be used to help people. Throughout the last week of October, CKSS’Youth in Action group ran an event called We Scare Hunger. This event is one of many originating from Free the Children, but is slightly different than the other campaigns that Free the Children runs. We Scare Hunger is for the benefit of our local community.

Youth in Action Vice President, Tanzeela Rehman, was responsible for running the We Scare Hunger campaign this year, and her group started planning this campaign long in advance to ensure it had a great impact on our community. As a school, we collected non-perishable food items for a food bank in Milton. This went on for the last week of October until Halloween, when Youth in Action members sacrificed receiving Halloween candy and went around trick-or-treating for non-perishable food items instead. In fact, Youth in Action member Christian VanderVoet collected a total of 217 non-perishable food items while going door to door!

The purpose of this campaign is to bring awareness to the community that poverty is not just in third world countries, but in our country too. Most people do not expect to ever have to rely on a food bank, but when people are faced with their own problems a food bank is a good support line for them to have. It can make a difference to a family and help them get back on their feet in a hard time. This year Youth in Action collected a total of 2,411 non-perishable items to donate to The Milton Salvation Army Food Bank. The members of Youth in Action would like to thank everyone for their contribution to the food drive, and would also like to encourage people to continue helping by volunteering at local food banks and spreading awareness about local and global hunger.

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Link Crew Welcomes Fall With a Frenzy

Liberty Alleston
Staff Writer


There is nothing better than gathering with all of your friends and participating in fun, heart-racing activities – and nothing goes better with fun than bright orange shirts! On October 23rd, Link Crew held their annual Fall Frenzy for the grade nines. The Fall Frenzy took place over periods four and five and allowed the grade nines and Link Crew Leaders to reunite with each other for the first time since the very beginning of the school year.

Thankfully, the weather was a lot warmer this year, and so the activities were able to run with a lot more participation. The grade nines joined back up with their crews and Leaders and competed against all the other crews for their picture with the coveted Crew Cup which is displayed in the Link Crew display case! This year’s games were both new and old, but one thing was for certain; everyone was determined to win the Cup.

Grade nines and Link Crew Leaders united together to compete in the riveting games, but the hands down favourite of the day was Bootcamp. An inflatable climbing contraption pitted one person against another causing them to scale walls, jump through spaces, roll down hills, and slide down a humongous slide to try to win. The rest of the activities also had fun challenges; such as who could make the biggest tower out of plastic plates and cups and transporting a pumpkin seed from one table to another using just a straw. “It helped me build stronger friendships from the beginning of the year,” remarked Sebastian Czyrnek, a grade nine student in Crew 3.

At the end of the day, the students gathered back in the gym to see who won the Crew Cup and receive a sweet treat. Crew 3 won the Crew Cup at this year’s Fall Frenzy and is the second crew to have its members’ names engraved onto the cup! When reflecting on the day, Mr. Salvaterra, one of the Link Crew coordinators, said, “It was a ‘frenzy’ of activity!”

Everyone is looking forward to next year’s competition for the Crew Cup!