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Michaela Hotte
Staff Writer

On the 9th and 10th of September, Mrs. Cates and Ms. Burnett held auditions for this year’s comedic Junior Show, Get Smart. Usually students who audition for shows have to memorize and perform a monologue, but this time around the audition process was slightly more complicated. Some helpful seniors coached the juniors in warm-up activities and improv games, and they were even asked to perform a small snippet from the show. It proved to be a very effective way of changing things up, as rehearsals have already started and excitement is building!

Get Smart is a play adapted by Christopher Sergel from the hit 1960’s television series, which was originally created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. The plot centers around Maxwell Smart, the top analyst of a secret intelligence agency called ‘CONTROL’. Smart talks himself into handling two big cases: Guarding Professor Dante’s invention that would spell disaster if found in the wrong hands, and protecting Princess Ingrid from being the next victim in a series of kidnappings. It’s a full-length play, and full of slapstick comedy! Students in Grades 9 and 10 occupy most of the roles – it is the Junior Show, after all – but there are also students in Grade 11 and 12 who make appearances too!

If you’re looking for lots of laughs, then come and see Get Smart, right here in the CKSS Auditorium, on Friday, November 7th, and Saturday, November 8th!

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Salutations Spartans!

I would like to thank all those reading, as this marks the beginning of our brand new school newspaper, the Spartan Spectator! The Spectator members have all worked hard over the past month trying to get this started, so we hope you enjoy it!

There are several things we hope to achieve by beginning a school newspaper here at Craig Kielburger Secondary School, which will hopefully benefit our students. Currently, the only reliable source of information for events happening in our school is the school website itself. However, the website feels extremely one-dimensional. While it provides some basic information about sports, clubs, and important events, it fails to engage the reader and act as more than just a platform for information. We hope that with the newspaper format that the Spectator has taken, readers will be able to look to it for a more in-depth and interesting analysis on school events.

It’s extremely important that the students within our school feel engaged and like they are part of a community. Each student should feel connected to the events happening in our school, and not just restrict themselves to the clubs and events of which they are a part. Someone who misses “the big game” due to other commitments shouldn’t be excluded from that moment forever. It’s important that everyone gets the chance to experience the important events in our school if they missed them, or even relive them because they enjoyed them so much!

The Spartan Spectator team is a perfect example of a community which involves those with different interests. It’s not just about writing, but about personal interests in a topic. The Spectator team includes students with interests varying from web design to business. And so, I would like to give you the opportunity to meet our staff, all of whom have put in tremendous effort and dedication in order to make this happen:

  • Brandyn Dixon – Editor
  • Liberty Alleston – Current Events Writer
  • Michaela Hotte – Arts and Entertainment Writer
  • Sam Hacking – Arts and Entertainment Writer
  • Mark Sansome – Web Designer
  • Mariyam Usmani – Contributing Writer
  • Nicole Ford – Photographer
  • Josh Koopstra – Design & Layout
  • Keval Raja – Business
  • Sarah Mohiuddin – Contributing Writer
  • Sam Gualtieri – Arts and Entertainment
  • Matthew Taylor – Creative Writer
  • Ms. Bullard, Miss Burnett & Mr. Featherstone – Staff Advisors


Again, thank you all for reading, and we hope you’ll read again next month!


Brandyn Dixon

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Namesake of CKSS to Kick Off the Year

Mariyam Usmani
Staff Writer

On a bright Monday, September 15th, a dimly lit gym of students listened in awe to the passion Craig Kielburger brought to his school when he spoke to the students of the new 2014-2015 year. Visuals of a village dancing and the prospect of a beautiful community stuck in staff and students’ minds even as they left the gym to continue their days. Craig’s inspiring message ‘awoke’ individual spirits, despite the usual groaning desire to have slept in a few more hours.

Students of Youth in Action walked away with grins on their faces, glowing and determined to work harder in the school group to aid initiatives in their community and the world. Youth in Action, a global initiative club, works to encourage youth idealism inspired by events like We Day, and charities such as Free the Children, created and led by Craig Kielburger. “I liked when Craig spoke of friendship and inclusion as big parts of leadership this year,” said Amna Usmani, a member of Youth in Action, “I think it’s a great part of change and high school.”

The gym of more than 1250 Mariyam_metowe_I1_E4_P2students and teachers laughed with Craig when he spoke of the mutual dislike of alarms in the mornings. He spoke of how we all groaned waking up and shutting our alarms in the morning, but also that we forget how lucky we are to do that and have an education. Chris Tse, a member of Free the Children, read a vivid poem called “Wake Up!” which showcased problems in our world community today, and the need to wipe out incessant apathy. Craig also shared a story about his recent travels with the CKSS community. He spoke of how it started to rain when they were building a school in a village, and his team started to seek shelter. In the opposite direction, the village began to dance and hold children up to the rain. He expressed wonder at how rain was seen as such a big miracle. It inspired everyone to question how happy someone would need to be to dance in the rain.

By the end of the day, a large part of the CK community was lively and enthusiastic, ready to contribute to leadership in the school.
Interested in being a bigger part of such a great youth movement? Youth in Action meets every Tuesday after school in room 224.  Come be the change!

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The Running of the Spartans

Liberty Alleston
Staff Writer

On Wednesday September 24th, Craig Kielburger Secondary School partook in our annual Terry Fox run. The dedicated students and teachers of CKSS walked or ran an impressive three kilometres around the streets of Milton to raise awareness of cancer research and to remember the amazing event of Terry Fox and the struggles that he faced.In 1977, a young Canadian was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) and had his right leg amputated above the knee. This individual was Terry Fox. While in the hospital for cancer treatment, Terry was shocked by the amount of suffering that the other cancer patients had to go through. With this in mind, he decided to raise money for cancer research by running across Canada in his “Marathon of Hope.” His journey began on April 12th 1980 and continued on till September 1st 1980, running an impressive 5373 kilometres. Terry Fox tragically passed away on June 28th 1981, at the age of 22. His legacy, however, still lives on. Schools all over Canada run to continue the funding for cancer research that Terry Fox started over 34 years ago. The total amount of money that has been raised up to date is an extraordinary $650 million.

The beautiful fall day encouraged the Spartans to show their 10370793_930607036953728_1131153215_nsupport for what they believe in. “Terry Fox is such an inspiration and I was proud to run in support of all those who are suffering from cancer.” Aneel Jagdeo, a grade 12 student, said when asked how he felt about the day. Some of the students, like Aaron Moon, even thought that we could run a further distance to show further support for cancer research and to spread a bigger message to the residents of Milton about how important cancer research is.

In the words of CKSS’ own Mr. Crowe, “It was a great day to support a great cause.”