By: Mariyam Usmani

How much do you like playing knowledge trivia games? Well, for the CK School REACH Team, the game presents opportunity to compete with other school teams in the school region and earn a name in REACH prosperity. The most recent tournament was the Senior REACH’s competition on March 29, 2016. If I asked you what word “Canada” comes from, could you tell me? If your answer is ‘kanata’, then you undeniably qualify for such trivia−related success. Lead often by Mrs. Baker, the competition ignites a yearning for not only success, but friendship, cooperation and a greater determination to succeed. What are you waiting for?  Brush up on your general knowledge and gear your brain up to win the next competition!

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By Bhavani Narayanan

Four years ago, in a land far, far away, in the middle of an old cornfield, a secondary school was born. What was once a possibility for future Spartans to thrive became the death of the Spartan spirit.

     Four years ago, people would crawl over each other to go to the school dance; now, semiformal can only scrape together thirty attendees. Four years ago, students would actively cheer for our sports teams; now, half the school isn’t even aware of the teams or their accomplishments.

     Members of our current Student Activities Council (SAC), have expressed their disdain towards the lack of excitement in the student body.  “We try, we advertise, but in the end it’s up to the students, and they don’t seem to care. All students that have school spirit are involved in SAC and other student councils, but we can’t profit from ourselves. No one [in the school] seems to care what we do.”

     And that is frighteningly true. The only sense of bond that is ever formed in this school is on noncompliant day and when the student body decides that Krispy Kreme doughnuts are worth being fifteen minutes late to class.

     Even in assemblies, despite there being hundreds of faces in the crowd, most of them are turned towards their phone, voices hushed as they talk to their friends; the air of indifference washes across the gym because of this.

     So, what can we do? Craig Kielburger Secondary School cannot just remain this dull school in the middle of an old cornfield! There’s the possibility of having more rallies, holding more events, bake sales, and dances, but it’s really up to the students to make the spirit of the school come to life.

     That is why SAC created a survey for the students of Craig Kielburger to ask them what the council could do better to bring up the spirit. This survey will look at the students from all four grades and their involvement with the school’s events, and what future events the students would like to attend. The survey then asks the student for advice on how to get the school more involved.

     The results of this survey will be released during the next Student Activities Council meeting, and using these results SAC will work towards a more enthusiastic student body.


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By: Zainab Syed

On November 4th, the DECA team travelled with Mrs. Hill to the Hamilton Convention Centre to compete in the DECA regionals. The CKSS team competed against local schools including Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School, White Oaks Secondary School, Milton District High School, and Bishop Redding Catholic Secondary School. Verdah Ansari, Diljot Jawanda, and Zainab Khan are all members of the DECA team who took time to answer a few questions about their experience for the Spectator.


As with any other competition, the team members found themselves incredibly exhausted by the end, which is understandable considering they started the day at five in the morning. The nerve wracking feeling of trying to impress the serious, stone-faced judges and future employers is truly a tough experience. Verdah describes this sensation quite insightfully, “Many students would agree with this: the wait before being called into your competition is definitely one of the worst feelings ever. Eminem describes it quite well, ‘Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.’ […] It really is nerve wracking”.


Overall, Verdah, Diljot, and Zainab were all able to take away a few main concepts from the experience. They tell the Spectator that it is important to maintain a professional composure, communicate articulately with others, including your teammates (who could be possible coworkers), judges (who could be possible bosses or CEOs), and competitors (who could be your rival company). Zainab said,“From this experience, I learned how to maintain composure in pressuring scenarios. Verdah Ansari and I were competing in the topic of Sports and Entertainment Marketing. We were brought into a room, along with about 40 students. who were also competing with us during that time frame. We received a case study that we had to analyze, as well as answer questions, all in 30 minutes. Those 30 mins passed by like a blink of an eye, and suddenly we were presenting to a judge”.


Diljot describes the day as a chance to compete with, and thus better understand, people who take interest in the same ideas and passions as him. He believes understanding how others think and feel is fundamental to humanity: “We [had] the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, put our communication and decision making skills to the test with the judges, and get to know our DECA chapter a lot better,” he said.


The day was filled with chaos and anxiety for the DECA team, yet somehow they still managed to to laugh, communicate, eat delicious food , make some fond or maybe not-so-fond memories, and even win some CK recognition. Our school’s DECA Team took away seven awards from this day. This is truly an accomplishment that all DECA members agree wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of Ms. Hill, Mr. Riggs, and Ms. Park. Great work, and congratulations to you all!

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Zainab Syed, Staff Writer

DECA Ontario is a nonprofit organization striving to aid youth in bettering their business and leadership skills, as well as innovating ideas that directly influence entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, and marketing related jobs and workplaces. Where is such a sophisticatedly organized co-curricular found? Well, right here, at CKSS. Our very own CKSS DECA Team is working to compete in the DECA regionals this year. When asked for a little perspective, Deevain Bedi (President of CKSS DECA) and Eman Faisal, a member, had quite a lot of input to provide.

As adolescents, it’s only natural to deem the world superficial and observe the perfunctoriness of the everyday. Despite this, both Eman and Deevain have an optimistic and enlightened view on what DECA can offer the teen mind. When asked what qualities DECA can establish in a young person, both Eman and Deevain stressed the importance of communication, creativity and flexibility. These three qualities are not just essential to business, but also to our daily lives. However, the most crucial characteristic to have in you, no matter what you are passionate about, is inspiration. Take it from Deevain, whose role model is Elon Musk because of his drive towards excellence and passion for environmental sustainability, or Eman, whose role model is Oprah Winfrey because of her exceptional success in brand developmentation and countless list of achievements.

Often we find ourselves saying, “Watch out! We may have the new Steve Jobs in this classroom!”,“We may have another Picasso sitting amongst us!” “We may have a Shakespeare just dying to write another story fixated on death.” Youth, whether we be interested in business, art, writing, music, teaching, engineering, anything at all, have the potential to be more than those  before us because we live in an age where we are able to correct past mistakes. Deevain plans on establishing a renewable, sustainable energy source that will eradicate toxic and destructive congestors, thus maximizing the use of green energy. Though these ideas may just seem like hopeful words, the implications of these concepts are… revolutionary. So CKSS, what do you plan to enlighten?

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Guidance News:

ATTENTION GRADE 12’s: Please sign up for your University and College registration courses if you are planning on applying to a post-secondary institution this year. Also make sure you check the University and College websites to find out about open houses and campus tours!


Business News:

DECA held its first Krispy Kreme doughnut fundraiser this year, which up turned out to be a major success. Thanks to CKSS students doughnuts were sold out in the first twenty minutes! Keep an eye out for posters around the school for the date of the next Krispy Kreme fundraiser.

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Guidance News:

ATTENTION GRADE 12’s: Guidance has representatives from all of the Universities and Colleges in Ontario coming throughout September and October. Make sure you do not miss out! Guidance has posted the dates right outside the Student Services Office for your convenience. The time to think about next year is NOW. You can also always make an appointment with a Guidance Counselor to get more information and advice!


Business News:

The business students at Craig Kielburger Secondary School are involved in a massive group known all over North America, called “DECA.” These motivated students compete in their selected categories across the continent. Recently DECA held its own elections at CKSS, where students ran for the positions of President, Vice President, Accountant and Fundraiser.