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Over the past couple of weeks Youth in Action has been preparing for a monumental election. This vote will determine which village they adopt through Free the Children’s, Adopt a Village program. YIA previously adopted the village of Asemkow, in Ghana, and raised $10,000 throughout the year to support the cause. After raising this money for Ghana, YIA has to choose a new village to adopt, and to make this decision the club split into smaller groups to represent each candidate country, Ecuador, India, and China. Over the course of three weeks, planning was in full swing to raise awareness for the issues that are present in each village. In the last week all three groups sought to raise awareness and showcase their country to gain support from the CKSS student body. Ecuador set up an elaborate booth, complete with a 3 fold board and rice krispy squares. China displayed a colourful banner in the atrium and handed out cupcakes, and India held a henna booth, complete with traditional music. After a week of campaigning, the day of the vote finally arrived, ballots were given to every first period class along with a video discussing which pillar YIA was going to support in each country. After a whole week’s wait, they have announced that China won! The proceeds from all of Youth in Action’s fundraisers will go to Gufubao, China! Congratulations to the China team, and both Ecuador, and India for their commitment and effort. Hopefully every student has enjoyed the week long festivities and learned something new!

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    As the 2015-2016 editors of Spartan Spectator, we are pleased to present this year’s first edition of Craig Kielburger Secondary School’s very own newspaper! Extremely excited about our talented team of new writers, we look forward to working together to bring you a creative and dimensional platform for school, community, and global events. Along with our reliable staff advisors, we hope to engage our readers with more than just a portal for school updates. We hope that our newspaper gives our writers the ability to present a more in-depth and creative analysis on events that concern our student body.


    Our newspaper functions on the fundamental belief that students and staff should feel integrated and part of a closely knit community within our school; we hope to make our newspaper the tool to achieve this belief. Last year, the Spectator successfully connected CK students to events occurring in their community and made sure they were not restricted to the clubs and events they were a part of. This year, we hope to continue that legacy and make sure everyone experiences the important events in our school on a wide range.


    We have many innovative ideas to make this year’s newspaper a huge success, but this cannot be achieved without an incredible team of writers that make up the very community we would like to project onto the school. Our writers come from varying interests and backgrounds in writing, each with his or her own set of skills that they bring to the table at every meeting. And so, without further ado, we would like to give you the opportunity to meet with our writers, all of whom will work hard to bring you another great year of the Spectator:


    • Aysha Ansar & Deevain Bedi – Editors in Chief
    • Maryam Usmani – Current Events Coordinator
    • Ms. Bullard, Ms. Burnett & Mr. Featherstone – Staff Advisors
    • Safeyyah Raji – Web and Print Designer
    • Bhavani Narayanan – Social Media Coordinator
    • Shalini Mohan & Shivaneiya Siva – Photographer
    • Nathan MacKinnon & Amrita Lally – Sports Writers
    • Catiyana Adam & Alina Yusufzai & Zainab Syed – Current Events Writers
    • Jamie Li & Reilly Knowles – Arts and Culture Writers
    • Alyssa Matheson – Creative Writing
    • Grace Zhu & Maryam Asif & Ahmed Naji – Contributing Writers

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    Maryam Asif, Staff Writer

    On Thursday, November 5 2015, Coast to Coast is bringing Inside Ride to Craig Kielburger Secondary School. Participate in fundraising money to help improve the survival rate and the quality of life of children and their families impacted by cancer.

    Cancer is the leading cause of non-accidental death in children in Canada and the treatment and cure is a 24/7 process, the effects of which can smother childhood or teen years as well as influence families lives. Coast to Coast presents Inside Ride, where students in groups of six ride stationary bikes for 1 hour and 45 minutes, dividing the time into 10 minutes per rider. Members must raise a minimum of $300, $50 each, to be eligible in participating in this activity. Also all donations,100%, proceed to helping this cause.

    Coast to Coast has many ambassadors, and Jocelyn Lamont, part of Candlelighters Ottawa, explained why we ride; “The fundraising gives us the means to help our families in real, tangible ways. Together we’re making a difference in the lives of children with cancer! Thanks for keeping our kids smiling!!” Jocelyn conveys how much the Inside Ride fundraiser has helped over the years.

    Mrs. Ronan is the supervisor who is organizing the Inside Ride at CKSS, and she expressed last year’s success; “It was a lot of fun! There were 15-16 teams and we raised $6000! All in all, it was a blast!” Mrs. Ronon has high hopes that this year will be even greater.

    Compete and participate in the Inside Ride, and help reach the goal of raising $8000. The requirements to take part in the Inside Ride are, pick up a TEAM PACKAGE, create a team and theme, register online at www.Kielburger.theinsideride.com, fundraise at least $50 per person, and hand in your TEAM PACKAGE before the event day. Come and engage in this fun, safe, team-based, physical activity that promotes helping children with cancer and their families.

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    Nathan Mackinnon, Staff Writer

    Hard work is the great equalizer. No matter what one chooses to pursue, hard work will always outshine talent. It may sound cliché to some, irrelevant to others, but such ideals are praised around the world everyday. It isn’t difficult to find an example of someone putting 100% into something they love, look no further than the football field behind CKSS. Monday through Friday, down on that field, 30+ brothers we’ll be seen working their hardest, together.Yes, the Senior Boys Football Team practices every single day for 3 plus hours, rain or shine. Many times going past the point of exhaustion, the Senior Boys Football team worked, when most would have quit. Even with a stern work ethic, the football team had not found their first team win. Yet, after every gruelling loss, that same football team could be found, working their very hardest to get better, and did this until they could not be beaten. On Friday, October the 23rd, at approximately 5:30pm, such hard work finally paid off.


    The monkey clinging to the backs of coaches and players alike was thrown further than any football last Friday when the Senior Boys Football Team won their first ever game. After coming up short in 3 straight home games, the Spartans’ football team was hungry for a win, but so were their opponents. The Aldershot Lions were also looking for their first win and held home field advantage. When both teams geared up and the pigskin was kicked to start the game, both teams went in with everything they had. The players ran faster and hit harder on both sides. Points were going to come at a premium, that was sure from the very first drive. When the dust settled, the helmets ripped off and the score board cleared, the CKSS Spartans were on top 7-2. An odd score, but a win none the less. When the final whistle was blown, many Spartans teammates didn’t know how to act. Some jumped with joy, others hugged with wide smiles. Some of the seniors that had felt success two years earlier, simply took the moment in, speechless.


    Huddling around their coaching staff at the end of the game, every player and coach reflected on why they had just won. The collective group looked at each other and agreed that hard work had paved the way for their success. One player stating, “We sweat, bled and puked for this moment right here. When every other team is taking a break or not working to their best abilities, we did. We won today because we simply worked harder, and wanted it more than the other team”. It should be celebrated, the first win for a team that’s worked so hard, yet everyone was reiterating the point, “Next play”. It is a mentality demonstrating that no matter what, a win or loss, the past is in the past and one must look to their next opportunity. That is why 3 days later, on that same football field behind CKSS, anyone can find the Spartans’ Football Team working their absolute hardest.


    The Senior Boys Football Team is gearing up for their next game now, an away game against a fierce rival, Lester B. Pearson. A huge thanks goes to the coaches, even though they’ll say it’s the players that deserve the praise. Coach Hannaford, Nelson, Burke and Forsyth all deserve huge praise for taking teenage boys and turning them into disciplined men. Despite the cliché, hard work can take anyone to new heights. Ask any football player and they’ll agree, Hard work will always pay off.

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    Grace Zhu, Staff Writer

    Stepping up from last year’s position in tier two, this year’s senior girls field hockey team had to fight extra hard to compete with the excellent teams in tier one. Captained by Faryn Smith and Jess McCann, the girls started off the season with four consecutive wins at the Revamp Field Hockey tournament in Stoney Creek, bringing back the champion title for CKSS. They continued on to win 2 of 7 regular season games against Notre Dame and Loyola, falling short against Blakelock, Hayden, Aquinas, Oakville Trafalgar, and Nelson. Coaches Mr. Miranda and Ms. Penner worked hard to ensure the team’s success, organizing a field hockey clinic and rigorous practices throughout the playing season. Unfortunately, the girls did not make the playoffs this year, but at least they had fun!

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    Alyssa Matheson, Staff Writer

    October 15th was a great day for all overachievers at CKSS… It was the night of the annual academics awards evening.


    The ceremony was long, but what else would you expect when 434 students were being honoured, not just for making the honour roll, but also for getting the highest marks in their respective classes. Also, for one one person in each grade, a gift card was presented to award them for the highest overall average.


    The concert band performed “O Canada” at the beginning of the ceremony, and a piece called “Rivers” in between the distribution of grade 10 and 11 certificates, which detailed the personal achievements of each student.


    Sadly, the awards and certificates did not come with secret access to an honour roll only study lounge, not that I’d tell you if they did. People can get kicked off the list for that!


    Although they don’t come with any secret rooms, these awards let people know their hard work is appreciated, and truly does pay off, even if it’s just in the form of punch and snacks served in the hall after the ceremony.