A Dance to Remember

A Dance to Remember

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A Dance to Remember

Sarah Mohiuddin
Staff Writer

On September 5th, 2014 at around 6:45 PM, a group of senior students donned their bright orange Link Crew shirts and gathered around the front parking lot of Craig Kielburger Secondary School. Why? To welcome CK’s grade nine students to their first high school dance, of course!

Preparations for the dance began hours before the doors actually opened. Several Link Crew Leaders decided to stay after school to help decorate the gymnasium in streamers, balloons, and posters, as well as to set up refreshment tables. Link Crew members wanted to do their best to make sure that the dance was a positive experience for everyone involved.

For most studsarah_linkcrew_I1_E2_P2ents, the transition to high school is an overwhelming one. Link Crew helps to minimize the stress and tension, easing the journey for most new students. With the first dance of the school year being solely for grade nines, as well as shorter than normal school dances –  the dance was from 7 to 9 PM – students were able to familiarize themselves with their peers within the first week of school. “The energy at the dance was electrifying,” says Rubani Gill, a member of Link Crew, “the atmosphere was just incredible. Everyone was having a good time – the grade nines, the Leaders, and even the teachers!”

To put it simply, many students did not want the night to end. Long after the lights turned on, a group of ninth grade students were reportedly seen dancing in the middle of the gym, reluctant to leave.

Overall, the Link Crew Dance was a fun filled night for everyone, and the goal of helping the ninth grade students acclimatize to the high school environment was well beyond achieved.


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