21 Dresses & Counting; Finding the Perfect Dress

21 Dresses & Counting; Finding the Perfect Dress

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By Bhavani Narayanan

     With Prom just around the corner, everyone is scrambling for dresses. If you’re thinking of attending the CKSS prom and planning to wear a dress, the girls of CK have put together a facebook group where they share their dresses to avoid wearing the same dress on the night of prom.

     Looking through the selected dresses, it is obvious what the popular choices are. This year’s winter colours have dominated the dresses with a surplus of dark blues, vibrant reds, and the ever classy black. Meanwhile, spring colours, such as the pastels, have been surfacing with the arrival of spring.

     There are several styles of prom dresses, as well. You have your ball gowns, your two pieces, your illusions, your short dresses, and your sleeve and sleeveless dresses. The options seem to be endless!

     With a vast selection of dresses to choose from in terms of style and material, one might ask, “How do I find the perfect dress?” And that comes with a simple answer, dear reader. A perfect dress is any dress that you feel comfortable and attractive in. Can you dance in it? Do you feel like you’ll have fun dancing in your dress? Do you love the colour and the fit? Do you just love it? If yes, then you’ve found the perfect dress!

     In the end, Prom is not about who has the best dress, or who is wearing what colour. It’s about seeing your friends and partying with them one last time before you all part ways. It’s about making the most of your last night as a Spartan, and feeling confident and attractive doing so. Whatever dress makes you feel that way is the perfect dress for you.

     Happy Prom dress shopping, Spartans!


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