A Party with a Purpose

A Party with a Purpose

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Deevain Bedi

Whether you are cheering on survivors, walking the track, passing the baton to your teammates, or even joining the many track side activities CKSS will have, Relay for Life is more than just a cancer walk, it’s a journey. This year CKSS will be participating in this journey, and contribute to the fight against cancer. An event created by the Canadian Cancer Society, 100 percent of the funds go towards cancer awareness, research and the many services the Canadian Cancer Society run.

At CKSS our Relay will run from 10am to 10 pm, a total of 12 hours! However, this won’t be a boring event! From water balloon fights, to ice cream bars, and even a dance at sunset, the Relay will be LIT! It’s a party with a purpose! Dunk tanks, student performances, local talent, hair donations, speeches from survivors and dignitaries are just of the few activities planned.

It is encouraged teams are 7 – 12 people, and registration is only 20 dollars! The tickets grant you access to the relay, a t-shirt, a luminary, a ticket for the big draw, and other fun surprises and perks for when you come to the relay! The theme is countries so gather your teammates, pick a country and think of a creative name and come signup! The German Giants, The Amazing Austrians, and the Dashing Danes (Denmark) are just some of the creative team names that have signed up!  

Relay for Life, is more than just a cancer walk, it’s a journey, and at CK this journey will be LIT! It’s a party with a purpose. Come join us on May 12 for this amazing journey and party. Bring your team to sign up during period 3, 4 or 5 in the front atrium! I will see you there!


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