By: Arfa Rana

As if we haven’t had enough days off from school, here comes another holiday, May 23, 2016 . What are your plans for this Victoria Day? I know that sleeping in and not getting up any earlier than you have to is every high school student’s dream, but there are lots of fun things you’re missing out on. Here, let me highlight a few.




It has been a long, dreadful winter.  And if you’re a summer person like me, you’re probably planning on moving to West Coast as soon as you get your hands on your high school diploma- do not lose faith, we’re almost there! But guess what? The weather’s (finally) getting warmer and summer is almost here; why not go outside and soak in the sun? Besides, with summatives and exams on their way, stress can be problem. But do not fret, the Sun has proven to be a good stress relief AND it improves your mood. The Sun never stays long in Canada, so take it your best advantage, Go play a sport, hang out at the park with your friends or simply just take a walk.




So you’ve been complaining to anybody and everybody about the three projects you have due this week , that math test you haven’t even BEGUN studying for and the 5oo word essay that must be double spaced, font Times New Roman, size 12 on the industrial revolution due the day-after-tomorrow. If only you had an extra day… Now you have it. I won’t spend much time trying to convince that it’ll all be worth in the end, you’ll get the reward when you work for it yourself. Good luck and happy studying.


(You may only proceed to read this if you have read and acted upon #2)

Who doesn’t love netflix? Netflix has over 13,300 titles of popular movies and Tv shows worldwide. So, get yourself a bag of chips, order an extra large pizza and coke  (it’s okay, it’s cheat day) and head down to the basement for a 12-hour movie/tv show marathon!


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