An Election to Remember

An Election to Remember

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Over the past couple of weeks Youth in Action has been preparing for a monumental election. This vote will determine which village they adopt through Free the Children’s, Adopt a Village program. YIA previously adopted the village of Asemkow, in Ghana, and raised $10,000 throughout the year to support the cause. After raising this money for Ghana, YIA has to choose a new village to adopt, and to make this decision the club split into smaller groups to represent each candidate country, Ecuador, India, and China. Over the course of three weeks, planning was in full swing to raise awareness for the issues that are present in each village. In the last week all three groups sought to raise awareness and showcase their country to gain support from the CKSS student body. Ecuador set up an elaborate booth, complete with a 3 fold board and rice krispy squares. China displayed a colourful banner in the atrium and handed out cupcakes, and India held a henna booth, complete with traditional music. After a week of campaigning, the day of the vote finally arrived, ballots were given to every first period class along with a video discussing which pillar YIA was going to support in each country. After a whole week’s wait, they have announced that China won! The proceeds from all of Youth in Action’s fundraisers will go to Gufubao, China! Congratulations to the China team, and both Ecuador, and India for their commitment and effort. Hopefully every student has enjoyed the week long festivities and learned something new!


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