By: Zainab Syed

On November 4th, the DECA team travelled with Mrs. Hill to the Hamilton Convention Centre to compete in the DECA regionals. The CKSS team competed against local schools including Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School, White Oaks Secondary School, Milton District High School, and Bishop Redding Catholic Secondary School. Verdah Ansari, Diljot Jawanda, and Zainab Khan are all members of the DECA team who took time to answer a few questions about their experience for the Spectator.


As with any other competition, the team members found themselves incredibly exhausted by the end, which is understandable considering they started the day at five in the morning. The nerve wracking feeling of trying to impress the serious, stone-faced judges and future employers is truly a tough experience. Verdah describes this sensation quite insightfully, “Many students would agree with this: the wait before being called into your competition is definitely one of the worst feelings ever. Eminem describes it quite well, ‘Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.’ […] It really is nerve wracking”.


Overall, Verdah, Diljot, and Zainab were all able to take away a few main concepts from the experience. They tell the Spectator that it is important to maintain a professional composure, communicate articulately with others, including your teammates (who could be possible coworkers), judges (who could be possible bosses or CEOs), and competitors (who could be your rival company). Zainab said,“From this experience, I learned how to maintain composure in pressuring scenarios. Verdah Ansari and I were competing in the topic of Sports and Entertainment Marketing. We were brought into a room, along with about 40 students. who were also competing with us during that time frame. We received a case study that we had to analyze, as well as answer questions, all in 30 minutes. Those 30 mins passed by like a blink of an eye, and suddenly we were presenting to a judge”.


Diljot describes the day as a chance to compete with, and thus better understand, people who take interest in the same ideas and passions as him. He believes understanding how others think and feel is fundamental to humanity: “We [had] the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, put our communication and decision making skills to the test with the judges, and get to know our DECA chapter a lot better,” he said.


The day was filled with chaos and anxiety for the DECA team, yet somehow they still managed to to laugh, communicate, eat delicious food , make some fond or maybe not-so-fond memories, and even win some CK recognition. Our school’s DECA Team took away seven awards from this day. This is truly an accomplishment that all DECA members agree wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of Ms. Hill, Mr. Riggs, and Ms. Park. Great work, and congratulations to you all!


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