Don’t Have a Midterm Crisis

Don’t Have a Midterm Crisis

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By: Alyssa Matheson

As you know, we’ve hit the middle of this semester and that can only mean one thing – midterms.

Some people have been getting mark updates throughout the semester, so they have a rough idea of what their mark is going to be; for others, it can come as a complete shock.

Regardless of what your personal goals are, if you missed the mark for your midterms, don’t worry too much. Take a day to regroup and make a plan for how you’re going to handle the rest of the semester. The improving weather and soon approaching summer holidays can detract from concentration, so setting a feasible plan in motion is the key to getting back in the mark range where you want to be.

Hopefully you’ve already moved past the denial stage, and skipped the anger stage entirely. Once you hit the bargaining stage, you can make some real improvements. Talk to your teachers (they are reasonable people too), explain calmly to them where you wish your marks to be, and ask them how you can get work up to your goal – as long as you are respectful, you’ll have a shot.

Now you have to take the next step and implement your plans. To help with this, find somewhere you like to study. Maybe you like studying in a coffee shop surrounded by people, or perhaps you like the silence of a library. Wherever you choose to study, and whatever you have to do to get your grades where you want them, remember: it’s not the end of the world, or the end of the semester, we’re only halfway there.


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