English… Help!

English… Help!

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By: Zainab Syed

English help? English help! Yes, you read it “write” here CKSS! Duz ur righting look like this? Do you struggle with “there/their/they’re?” Do your grammar not make sense? Do you find that understanding literary terms is like trying to come up with an analogy about how difficult it is to understand literary terms? (See what I’m getting at here?) Well CK, fret no more! Come on out and get some English Help in room 211 every Tuesday and Thursday, during periods 3 and 4. Many students struggle with English assignments from time to time, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. What matters most is that you make the choice to utilize this fantastic resource to get some extra help, straight from an English teacher! See you there! (and judging by the looks of this article, you’ll see me there as well…)



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