Halton Showcase

Halton Showcase

By: Bhavani Narayanan

On Thursday, April 7th, the CKSS concert choir performed with the senior choir in the Halton Showcase.

Around 2000 friends and family members gathered at Hamilton Place to witness the  celebration of music.

The performance was composed of the children’s choir, the intermediate choir, the senior choir, the wind ensemble, the junior jazz band, and the senior concert band, among others.

The senior choir included students from various high schools in the Halton Region and was under the direction of Ms. Kendra Chow, the music and vocalist teacher here at CKSS, as well as Ms. Berry, a music teacher from Frank J. Hayden Secondary School. Together, they conducted the senior choir who performed La Lluvia, Prayer of the Children, and It Takes A Whole Village, which featured percussion by CK students, and solos from CK’s own Carole Palattao and Thomas Sadgrove.

“It was an incredible performance, the Senior Choir was the highlight of the entire night. The conductors really outdid themselves,” said one of the audience members.

“I cried during Prayer of the Children. It was so beautiful, I was in awe of the talent the choir possesses,” another said.

Overall, it seems that the choir had a great night, a great performance, and left a great impression on the Halton Music Program.

The CKSS Choir will be performing in the Spring Concert on May 5th, at CKSS in the gym. Further details will be released soon.


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