Hard Work Finally Paying Off

Hard Work Finally Paying Off

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Nathan Mackinnon, Staff Writer

Hard work is the great equalizer. No matter what one chooses to pursue, hard work will always outshine talent. It may sound cliché to some, irrelevant to others, but such ideals are praised around the world everyday. It isn’t difficult to find an example of someone putting 100% into something they love, look no further than the football field behind CKSS. Monday through Friday, down on that field, 30+ brothers we’ll be seen working their hardest, together.Yes, the Senior Boys Football Team practices every single day for 3 plus hours, rain or shine. Many times going past the point of exhaustion, the Senior Boys Football team worked, when most would have quit. Even with a stern work ethic, the football team had not found their first team win. Yet, after every gruelling loss, that same football team could be found, working their very hardest to get better, and did this until they could not be beaten. On Friday, October the 23rd, at approximately 5:30pm, such hard work finally paid off.


The monkey clinging to the backs of coaches and players alike was thrown further than any football last Friday when the Senior Boys Football Team won their first ever game. After coming up short in 3 straight home games, the Spartans’ football team was hungry for a win, but so were their opponents. The Aldershot Lions were also looking for their first win and held home field advantage. When both teams geared up and the pigskin was kicked to start the game, both teams went in with everything they had. The players ran faster and hit harder on both sides. Points were going to come at a premium, that was sure from the very first drive. When the dust settled, the helmets ripped off and the score board cleared, the CKSS Spartans were on top 7-2. An odd score, but a win none the less. When the final whistle was blown, many Spartans teammates didn’t know how to act. Some jumped with joy, others hugged with wide smiles. Some of the seniors that had felt success two years earlier, simply took the moment in, speechless.


Huddling around their coaching staff at the end of the game, every player and coach reflected on why they had just won. The collective group looked at each other and agreed that hard work had paved the way for their success. One player stating, “We sweat, bled and puked for this moment right here. When every other team is taking a break or not working to their best abilities, we did. We won today because we simply worked harder, and wanted it more than the other team”. It should be celebrated, the first win for a team that’s worked so hard, yet everyone was reiterating the point, “Next play”. It is a mentality demonstrating that no matter what, a win or loss, the past is in the past and one must look to their next opportunity. That is why 3 days later, on that same football field behind CKSS, anyone can find the Spartans’ Football Team working their absolute hardest.


The Senior Boys Football Team is gearing up for their next game now, an away game against a fierce rival, Lester B. Pearson. A huge thanks goes to the coaches, even though they’ll say it’s the players that deserve the praise. Coach Hannaford, Nelson, Burke and Forsyth all deserve huge praise for taking teenage boys and turning them into disciplined men. Despite the cliché, hard work can take anyone to new heights. Ask any football player and they’ll agree, Hard work will always pay off.


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