Letter From The Editors

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    As the 2015-2016 editors of Spartan Spectator, we are pleased to present this year’s first edition of Craig Kielburger Secondary School’s very own newspaper! Extremely excited about our talented team of new writers, we look forward to working together to bring you a creative and dimensional platform for school, community, and global events. Along with our reliable staff advisors, we hope to engage our readers with more than just a portal for school updates. We hope that our newspaper gives our writers the ability to present a more in-depth and creative analysis on events that concern our student body.


    Our newspaper functions on the fundamental belief that students and staff should feel integrated and part of a closely knit community within our school; we hope to make our newspaper the tool to achieve this belief. Last year, the Spectator successfully connected CK students to events occurring in their community and made sure they were not restricted to the clubs and events they were a part of. This year, we hope to continue that legacy and make sure everyone experiences the important events in our school on a wide range.


    We have many innovative ideas to make this year’s newspaper a huge success, but this cannot be achieved without an incredible team of writers that make up the very community we would like to project onto the school. Our writers come from varying interests and backgrounds in writing, each with his or her own set of skills that they bring to the table at every meeting. And so, without further ado, we would like to give you the opportunity to meet with our writers, all of whom will work hard to bring you another great year of the Spectator:


    • Aysha Ansar & Deevain Bedi – Editors in Chief
    • Maryam Usmani – Current Events Coordinator
    • Ms. Bullard, Ms. Burnett & Mr. Featherstone – Staff Advisors
    • Safeyyah Raji – Web and Print Designer
    • Bhavani Narayanan – Social Media Coordinator
    • Shalini Mohan & Shivaneiya Siva – Photographer
    • Nathan MacKinnon & Amrita Lally – Sports Writers
    • Catiyana Adam & Alina Yusufzai & Zainab Syed – Current Events Writers
    • Jamie Li & Reilly Knowles – Arts and Culture Writers
    • Alyssa Matheson – Creative Writing
    • Grace Zhu & Maryam Asif & Ahmed Naji – Contributing Writers


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