One, Two, Three, Fo! Where’d Our School Spirit Go?

One, Two, Three, Fo! Where’d Our School Spirit Go?

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By Bhavani Narayanan

Four years ago, in a land far, far away, in the middle of an old cornfield, a secondary school was born. What was once a possibility for future Spartans to thrive became the death of the Spartan spirit.

     Four years ago, people would crawl over each other to go to the school dance; now, semiformal can only scrape together thirty attendees. Four years ago, students would actively cheer for our sports teams; now, half the school isn’t even aware of the teams or their accomplishments.

     Members of our current Student Activities Council (SAC), have expressed their disdain towards the lack of excitement in the student body.  “We try, we advertise, but in the end it’s up to the students, and they don’t seem to care. All students that have school spirit are involved in SAC and other student councils, but we can’t profit from ourselves. No one [in the school] seems to care what we do.”

     And that is frighteningly true. The only sense of bond that is ever formed in this school is on noncompliant day and when the student body decides that Krispy Kreme doughnuts are worth being fifteen minutes late to class.

     Even in assemblies, despite there being hundreds of faces in the crowd, most of them are turned towards their phone, voices hushed as they talk to their friends; the air of indifference washes across the gym because of this.

     So, what can we do? Craig Kielburger Secondary School cannot just remain this dull school in the middle of an old cornfield! There’s the possibility of having more rallies, holding more events, bake sales, and dances, but it’s really up to the students to make the spirit of the school come to life.

     That is why SAC created a survey for the students of Craig Kielburger to ask them what the council could do better to bring up the spirit. This survey will look at the students from all four grades and their involvement with the school’s events, and what future events the students would like to attend. The survey then asks the student for advice on how to get the school more involved.

     The results of this survey will be released during the next Student Activities Council meeting, and using these results SAC will work towards a more enthusiastic student body.



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