Putting Your Money Where It’s Worth

Putting Your Money Where It’s Worth

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By: Mariyam Usmani

The path to success isn’t exactly clear cut, but don’t worry, the Spartan Spectator has your back. Here are some tips on gifts you could get your teachers for the holidays. Who knows? A teacher eating gifted delights might see the chemistry in that last chemystery test you handed in.


Tip 1: Avoid the Dollarama.

Let’s be honest. Your teacher has been working extremely hard for the past three and a half months, planning endlessly to help you. A gift worth a dollar doesn’t exactly scream, “I appreciate all you have done for me!” That candle for $0.99 that looked nice? Will it look nice when it refuses to light for your teacher on Christmas Eve? Time to rethink your plan.


Tip 2: It’s the thought that counts.

Many teachers said that the fact that you simply think of them does the trick. Whether your appreciation shines from a homemade card, delicious home-baked goods, or a gift card for Tim Hortons or Starbucks, teachers genuinely feel touched. Over the holidays, we do as much as we can to be show our gratitude for friends, and we should think to do the same for our teachers.  Let’s not forgot to thank them.



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