Senior Girls Field Hockey Team

Senior Girls Field Hockey Team

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Grace Zhu, Staff Writer

Stepping up from last year’s position in tier two, this year’s senior girls field hockey team had to fight extra hard to compete with the excellent teams in tier one. Captained by Faryn Smith and Jess McCann, the girls started off the season with four consecutive wins at the Revamp Field Hockey tournament in Stoney Creek, bringing back the champion title for CKSS. They continued on to win 2 of 7 regular season games against Notre Dame and Loyola, falling short against Blakelock, Hayden, Aquinas, Oakville Trafalgar, and Nelson. Coaches Mr. Miranda and Ms. Penner worked hard to ensure the team’s success, organizing a field hockey clinic and rigorous practices throughout the playing season. Unfortunately, the girls did not make the playoffs this year, but at least they had fun!


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