Senior Show

Senior Show

By: Alyssa Matheson

From the set at the beginning, to the curtain call at the end, “The Matchmaker” had the audience hooked on a feeling of enjoyment and pride for the arts program of our school. The hilarious performances by the actors were amazing and kept the audience watching the background in fear of missing a hilarious part of the performance. The humor was balanced well with romantic drama and monetary conflicts, which may seem like a challenge for high school students, but it was executed wonderfully and was quite believable. Sid Srikanth, the cab man in the play, said that this was a “beautiful experience and a wonderful way to say goodbye to high school.”

Luckily there is still another opportunity to see the wonderfully talented students of CK perform again; Coffee House. May 19th will be an amazing night full of music, poetry, and dramatic performances all performed by CK’s own musicians, writers, and actors. Stay tuned for more information about auditions to get your chance at sharing your talents with the school.


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