You are Where You Eat

You are Where You Eat

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By: Alyssa Matheson

There are many places around our school where people choose to eat their lunches, and some are better than others.  The Spartan Spectator has done a definitive ranking for you:


  1. Near the entrance of washrooms??

To be honest, I had no idea that this was a popular location for lunch consumption. I would consider this a last resort option as I can’t see the appeal of sitting so close to such an unsanitary area to consume lunch. I mean really? The only thing separating you from a room of interesting graffiti and lack of mirrors isn’t closed for long…


  1.   Under the Stairwells

The stairwells may seem like an excellent option, however they do not offer the amount of privacy they appear to. While the stairwells block you from the view of many, they offer no privacy in the way of your discussions, which are more likely to be overheard by students who will tweet a snippet of your conversation with the hashtag #OverheardAtCKSS.


  1.   In the hallways “the sprawlers”

This location has a grand total of zero chairs, which forces everyone to sit on the not-quite-sanitary floor. However, if you can overlook this fact, the hallway is a great hang out with your squad.  This location also allows you to slow down hallway traffic by a whopping 200 percent!


  1.   The hallway behind the science labs

This location is very quiet, provides a great place to hide from drama, and also has a lot of room to accommodate your friend group. The downside is that it’s pretty narrow, so people will have to walk over you as they try to leave the hallway; however, it isn’t very crowded, so this is an infrequent problem.


  1. On the benches in the main hallway

These are an improvement from sprawling in the hallway, as they feature the great benefits of not getting yelled at by teachers, and not having to sit on the floor. You also have a smaller impact on the hallway traffic, unless you’re sitting at the bench at the entrance to the stairs, in which case you have a greater impact.


  1. In a class you aren’t a member of

This option is awesome if you know the teacher, have a different lunch from your friends, and enjoy the subject being taught. Although there are a few things that you need to be careful about if you explore this option; one is that if you go to a science lab, you’ll get kicked out for eating; another is if you visit too often you might start having to take the tests, too.


  1.   Tall table in the corner of the school near the English office

There are not enough seats for your whole squad, unless your squad is less than three people… and if your squad is smaller than three, is it really a squad? This corner, although small offers a sense of exclusivity provided by the height and few chairs. It also allows you the people-watching that the hallway provides, with none of the sitting on the ground nonsense.


  1.   On the way back from Metro

This is the preferred eating place of students who know how to manage their time wisely, as they manage to fit in their daily exercise with their midday meal. They also know that they don’t have enough time to walk to the plaza, wait in line to get their food, eat it there, and manage to walk back in enough time to make it to their next period class. The desirability of this location fluctuates depending on the weather, and how many friends you’ve convinced to go out with you.


  1.   In the caf

The caf has easy access to food, utensils (for those days when you forget your fork at home), and condiments (because you can never have too much sriracha). This location also lets you know when the lines are too long to even consider waiting for garlic bread. Also, there is a lot of space to accommodate your huge squad.


  1.   Outside the library

This is where all the cool kids sit; or at least the students who have outgrown sitting in the caf. Many grade nines walk by this place wondering if they’ll be able to sit there, however it’s unofficially reserved for grade twelves. This location features a ton of chairs and tables; a perfect place for either leaving your garbage once you’re done your lunch, or for playing cards with your friends. How long they’ll remain your friends after one person beats the other six games in a row remains to be seen, however this drama can make it an interesting place to sit even if you’re not with your squad.



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