By: Nathan MacKinnon

Happy New Year! I’ll get that out of the way now. It’s 2016, and the amount of times I’ve had to rewrite 2015 is unreal. Today, I write about the one thing people do when they see 2016 on their phone’s calendar, and that is to create a resolution. We all look at our lives and decide to try something new or fix something we don’t like about ourselves. The number one thing that people decide to change, the same time the calendar does, is their weight. Tons of people pledge to lose weight as the clock strikes 12 on the new year.

So, to help out all those who are about to pump back some weights, who did the newspaper send? Me. Yes, Nathan MacKinnon, the fittest person in CKSS. When people look at me, they wonder how someone could be so perfect. I am, of course, joking. When it comes to losing weight, I’m not your guy. I do know someone though, that knows everything and anything about getting you in sweet shape. When I realized I just had to talk to him for you all, I ran for the first time since football season, and ended up in the one place that everyone works out. Outside our CKSS library. There, sitting on a bench, in full workout gear and protein shake in hand, is Aaron Zomer.


Zomer, as I call him, played football with me for three years. If you haven’t met him before, just picture muscle on muscle. Then, picture a workout bag over one shoulder and a tub of protein powder. He’s deezed, as the saying goes. After I caught my breath from the run, which by the way started inside the library, I began to ask for advice on losing weight. This is another great thing about Aaron Zomer, he’s humble, and was totally down with sharing tips. I learned some really interesting and cool tips that I’ll share with you.

First things first, set a goal. What do you want? That’s key. Make sure the goal is attainable too. Something small and work your way up.

Secondly, consistency is the biggest component. Make sure you’re sticking to your goal and working out when you choose to work out. You skip one day and that turns into three days. Then 10. Aaron put it the best, “Next thing you know, you’ve given up”.

Finally, I asked him what the biggest misconception was about losing weight, and Zomer said the following, “Nutrition, without a doubt. People think that they can workout for an hour, then eat whatever they want. Everyone needs to know that the food you put in will translate with the body you get out. Eat well. End up well.” I couldn’t agree more. I love cheese. Too much cheese doesn’t help out my temple, but I love my gouda. So there you have it; use these simple tips and get out there! I’m going try something too. I going to jog from the library to the cafeteria. Then I’m gonna buy a cookie. Big thanks to Zomer! Let’s get deezed.


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