Quidditch at CKSS?

Quidditch at CKSS?

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Quidditch at CKSS?

Sam Hacking
Staff Writer

No, this isn’t some sort of practical joke being pulled by the senior class; there is in fact a Muggle Quidditch team starting at the school.

The first meeting was held Monday, September 18th on the side field. Here, students came out to learn about the sport and pick up permission forms. The team didn’t receive the turnout they were expecting, but due to the nature of the sport, the organizers weren’t that surprised!

The sport, which comes from the fictional book series “Harry Potter,” originally involved the players flying around on brooms and chasing bewitched balls. However, the sport has been adapted so that it can be played in real life. Many universities across Canada play this game, and it is now considered to be a real sport.

“I think people originally thought that the Quidditch team was a joke, and that’s why we didn’t have the turnout we expected,” said one of the students leading the team, “But I’m sure we will have a lot more people join the team once word gets around the school.”

If you are interested in joining the first ever CKSS Quidditch team, pick up a permission slip outside of the languages office. If you have any questions about the team, please contact Sarah Mackay, Sam Hacking, or Mme. Scott.


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