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Spartan Hockey

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The Spartan Hockey team did amazingly well this year competing in two competitive tournaments: The 20th Annual London CCH Cup, where they made the finals but unfortunately lost 5-1 to St. Basil’s Saints from Sault St. Marie, and the 31st Invitational Burbear Tournament, where they overthrown in the semifinals by Philip Pocock Pirates from Mississauga. For the last five years, Spartan Hockey was in the Tier Two division but after the amazing games this year, they were able to make the prestigious Tier One Division. This awarded them an extended schedule of two games a week where they faced off against past winners of GHAC and OFSSA! In the end, they placed 11th out of 19 teams which deserves a round of applause.

The hockey team requires a lot of dedication from its players, as it runs from October to March. As well, the members were required to go off-site for games and practices which were quite a distance from the school.

There were still some rewards for all of this hard work and dedication that the team put in. When the team traveled to London for the CCH Cup they saw the London Knights compete against the Sault St. Marie Greyhounds at the OHL’s premier arena, The Budweiser Gardens. As well, in theOctober preseason, Spartan hockey players volunteered alongside NHL players Curtis Joseph, Martin Biron, and Marcel Dionne at the Hershey Center in Mississauga. The players helped the ‘big shots’ run a one day “skills camp” for the United Way and Boys and Girls clubs!hockeyy

It goes to show that the hockey team’s reputation preceded them at the tournaments, as they were recognised by players and spectators from the Kielburger name. Next year, the Spartan hockey team hopes to be involved with more fundraisers; possibly a teacher-student game or a high school invitational tournament to benefit Free the Children.

The team bonded and developed during the year and thrived in their games. They will miss their departing players off to college and university next year who led in scoring: the “Triple M” line of Ryan Murphy, Trevor Murphy, and Scott Meech. They had a mind-blowing, on-ice chemistry, where they would know where each other were on the ice at any given time. Additionally, there will be empty spots left by stalwart defenseman Dalton Sherman, who was a solid fixture on their blue line, and high-energy Chad Fugere, who could excel in any situation. Special honours go out to Josh McMillan and Gabe Baud, the two goalies, who showed their athleticism, poise under fire, and perseverance. The coaches have nothing but good things to report about the players in the program, and congratulate them on a great season!

Next year the team plans on at least three tournaments. As a bonus, the team is looking to see the Montreal Canadiens compete at the Bell Center while in Quebec, and they expect to enter the OTHS Invitational, Burlington Burbear, and possibly the Cabernet Cup tournaments in Toronto.


CCH Cup results:                                                                       31st Annual Burlington Burbear results:

GAME 1:  T  2-2  vs JP II                                                            GAME 1: L 3-2 vs West Ferris Trojans

GAME 2:  L  5-2   vs St. Basil’s                                                  GAME 2: W 5-3 vs St. Thomas Acquinas Saints

GAME 3:  W  7-1  vs Bissette                                                    GAME 3: W 6-3 vs Notre Dame Shamrocks

GAME 4:  W 7-4  vs Blyth                                                         GAME 4: L 6-3 vs Pocock

GAME 5:  L 5-1 vs St. Basil’s



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