What Kind of Day Has it Been?

What Kind of Day Has it Been?

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“Jon, my office now!” Jon’s editor yelled.

Jon sighed and pulled his feet off from the top of his desk and put his newspaper down. He walked sullenly to Abraham Holloway’s office. “Sit down Jon,” Holloway said as Jon walked into the office. Jon sat down as Holloway began talking again, “Why do I pay you?”

Jon took a second before replying with, “Good question.”

Holloway rolled his eyes, “Can you be serious?”

“Probably not,” Jon stated.

“Jon, you haven’t turned in a story for two weeks,” Holloway stated as he began pacing in front of Jon.

“And…” Jon replied.

“And why should I keep you on the payroll if you don’t write anything for our paper?” Holloway asked.

“Because when I do write stories they’re brilliant and they get your paper awards,” Jon said.

Holloway sighed, “But for God’s sake Jon, we need you to write articles for us, you’re one of our top correspondents yet you write so little.”

Jon was getting frustrated, “That’s because I only write what’s important.”

Holloway practically exploded, “Important! Are you kidding me? Jon, right now there are at least ten things that you could write an article about.”

“But there’s nothing new and there’s nothing that matters,” Jon replied, his voice calm but his temper boiling, “We’re in the business of telling the news. It is our duty to tell the people what is important, to make them aware of things that are happening in this world that they need to know about. News that the public has a right to know. The majority of news outlets, on the other hand, focus on issues that the public could do without, or they take an important issue and blow it up to huge proportions while ignoring everything else. It’s overexposure of the irrelevant. The top stories on A.P. right now are Bill Cosby’s sex scandal and the President pardoning a turkey. Do these affect people? No. Will these stories get air time and column inches? Definitely. Are there more issues that the people need to know? God yes. There’s Ferguson Missouri, or have we moved past that already? Or we could talk about OPEC and Russia possibly engaging in an oil price war which will definitely affect the public. Maybe something closer to home, like the Canadian Women’s Health Network being shut down because of Harper Government budget cut, or maybe the Keystone XL pipeline, or even scientists protesting a lack of government funding in Canada. These are things that people should care about and they don’t. There was a time when the news made people care about what was important. There was a time when reporters brought us the hard truth like when Cronkite announced J.F.K. being assassinated, or when the news let the public see the horrors of war in Vietnam. This was the news that the public deserves to hear, and I am going to give it to them whether they want it or not.”

And with that Jon stormed out of the office. Holloway put his head in his hands and said, “I get lectured by one of my reporters for telling him to stop procrastinating. God, what kind of day has it been?”


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