A Taste of Africa – Mariyam Usmani

A Taste of Africa – Mariyam Usmani

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Black History Month is a month in which we recognize and appreciate the struggle and strength demonstrated by strong and enduring individuals. We celebrate the beauty of their diversity, the clear-cut edge of their sleek grace; and that is exactly what Craig Kielburger Secondary School did on Friday, February the 20th when the Black History Fashion Show was held in the school cafeteria during third period.

Mrs. O’Brien’s fashion class dressed up in traditional African attire, demonstrating the roots and detailed fragments of the rich culture. They wore outfits from different fabrics of Africa, including Ghana, Nigeria and Somalia. Vivid colours and bright patterns were essential to the style, and as the gathering students watched, even several of the school’s enthusiastic teachers joined in. Ms. Barnaby and Mr.Turnbull struck several poses walking down the “runway” of the show, effectively making the audience smile and laugh. Mr. Spragge was seen rocking a long, traditional amber-orange garment, having a good time.

Overall, eyes lit up with the pristine and modern shine of the style as well as creased in appreciation of more ancient outfits. The room vibrated with positive energy and the CK community upheld the African origins with respect and beauty.


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